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 +====== Allow Application to Run Under Virtual Machine (WinLicense) ======
 +Multiple softwares use protections that restrict running under a virtual machine. Such is the case for most Nexon games. These protections usually read and recognise typical registry keys that hint that the machine is a virtual machine. Typically for such protection, the error reads:
 +Sorry, this application cannot be run under a virtual machine.
 +In order to bypass the protection, you can open a registry editor and navigate to ''​HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE->​Hardware->​System''​ and delete the contents of the "​VideoBiosVersion"​ registry string (do not delete the key itself).
 +====== Shared Folders on Linux ======
 +After installing Parallels Tools (to check, issue ''​ps ax''​ and verify that ''​prltoolsd''​ processes are running), shared folders will be automatically mounted on Linux at ''/​media/​psf''​.

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