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 pip install -U pip setuptools pip install -U pip setuptools
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 +====== Routing all Traffic through OpenVPN ======
 +TL;DR: old trick, set a lower interface metric for the OpenVPN interface than the default gateway.
 +Since there does not seem to be an official straightforward answer to route all traffic through OpenVPN "the OpenWrt way"​™ the following should be easy to accomplish via the interface:
 +  * ensure that the OpenVPN server (or client configuration file) contains ''​redirect-gateway def1'',​
 +  * using the OpenWrt interface: ''​Network''​ -> ''​Interfaces''​ and for each WAN interface, click ''​Edit''​ and then go to ''​Advanced Settings''​ and set the ''​Interface Metric''​ to a given value (ie: ''​10''​),​
 +  * using the OpenWrt interface: ''​Network''​ -> ''​Interfaces''​ open up the OpenVPN interface, go to ''​Advanced Settings''​ and set the ''​Interface Metric''​ to a value lower than all WAN interfaces from the previous step (ie: ''​1''​).
 +OpenWrt does not do this automatically even if ''​redirect-gateway def1''​ is pushed by the server.

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