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 +====== Reverse-Proxying Node-RED and Alexa Philips Hue Emulation Bridge ======
 +The Alexa Philips Hue Emulation Bridge for node-red provided by the ''​node-red-contrib-amazon-echo''​ package needs to listen on port ''​80''​ for HTTP requests sent by Amazon Alexa devices performing discovery. Instructions for the ''​node-red-contrib-amazon-echo''​ package include setting up a port redirect from port ''​8080''​ used by the Amazon Echo Hub node in the node-red interface to port ''​80''​. Unfortunately,​ since port ''​80''​ is occupied, a webserver performing reverse proxying cannot be placed in front of node-red without some tricks. ​
 +One solution is to use nginx and regular expressions in an attempt to match the user-agent of Amazon Echo devices in order to redirect regular HTTP requests to node-red and HTTP requests from Amazon Alexa devices to the ''​node-red-contrib-amazon-echo''​ listening port on ''​8080'':​
 +map "​$http_user_agent"​ $targetupstream {
 +  default ​       http://​​1880;​
 +  "​~AEO[A-Z]{2,​3} Build\/​[A-Z0-9]+"​ http://​​8080;​
 +server {
 +        listen 80;
 +        server_name mynoderedserver.tld;​
 +        access_log /​var/​log/​nginx/​access.log;​
 +        location / {
 +                proxy_pass $targetupstream;​
 +                proxy_http_version 1.1;
 +                proxy_set_header Upgrade $http_upgrade;​
 +                proxy_set_header Connection "​upgrade";​
 +        }
 +The map at the top is responsible for conditionally proxying requests based on the user agents: by default, all requests to the server ''​mynoderedserver.tld''​ are passed to node-red on port ''​1880''​ and requests that match the regular expression ''​~AEO[A-Z]{2,​3} Build\/​[A-Z0-9]+''​ are delivered to port ''​8080''​ on which the Amazon Alexa Philips Hue Emulation bridge (provided by ''​node-red-contrib-amazon-echo'​) is listening.
 +The result is that a request via a browser to ''<​nowiki>​http://​mynoderedserver.tld</​nowiki>''​ will open up the node-red flow design interface. Similarly, requests to: ''<​nowiki>​http://​mynoderedserver.tld/​ui</​nowiki>''​ will open the dashboard provided by ''​node-red-dashboard''​ package. This removes the need to memorize ports and/or IP addresses.

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