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 +====== Raising Bonding with Buddies ======
 +A quick way to raise bonding with all buddies is to deploy for a secondary mission from the ''​ACC''​ (chopper) and then use the menu to select ''​Return to ACC''​. Doing so, will not cost GMP and can be repeated as necessary. A single roundtrip yields ''​2''​ bonding points with the currently selected buddy. Unfortunately,​ reputation points range from ''​0''​ to ''​100''​ such that this method would have to be repeated more or less ''​50''​ times (sometimes you get bonus reputation points for your buddy just looking at you in the ''​ACC''​ - especially for Quiet).
 +Fortunately,​ [[https://​www.vtaskstudio.com/​tinytask.php|TinyTask]] can be used to automate the process. TinyTask can record keystrokes and mouse movements and then play them back. One way to use TinkTask to automate the process of gaining bonding points is to:
 +  * select the buddy that you want to raise the reputation with,
 +  * call the chopper and get inside,
 +  * start recording with TinyTask and perform the following operations //slowly//:
 +    - open up the iDroid menu,
 +    - press the keys to get to the Missions menu,
 +    - select a secondary mission by scrolling through the menu,
 +    - deploy (no equipment changes necessary as long as your buddy is with you),
 +    - a few seconds after the animation starts, press the <​key>​Esc</​key>,​
 +    - select ''​Return to ACC''​.
 +  * stop recording with TinyTask
 +There are a few caveats worth mentioning:
 +  * if you rush through the menu selection and the prompts, TinyTask may not be able to pick them up: for instance, scrolling through the secondary missions menu by holding down the cursor keys - make sure that you "​punch-press"​ the downward cursor key instead of holding the key down,
 +  * keep in mind that TinyTask will just playback everything that you do such that if you record a loop and then attempt to playback from a different state (menu, etc...) then the loop may not complete.
 +Once the sequence is recorded, select ''​Continuous playback''​ from the TinyTask options menu and wait for about half an hour to get your reputation from ''​0''​ to ''​100''​ automagically.

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