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 +====== Extract Full Avatar Name ======
 +libopenmetaverse uses different possible avatar name formats when passing avatar names. For example, an avatar name can be in one of the following formats:
 +  * ''​FirstName LastName''​
 +  * ''​FirstName.LastName''​
 +  * ''​FirstName''​ - in which case, the last name is ''​Resident''​
 +The following brief LINQ query will help you resolve all these names to a list of two elements:
 +<code csharp>
 +string avatarName = "​Snooky Smexy";​
 +// ...
 +List<​string>​ name =
 +    new List<​string>​(Regex.Matches(avatarName,​ @"​^(?<​first>​.*?​)([\s\.]|$)(?<​last>​.*?​)$"​)
 +        .Cast<​Match>​()
 +        .ToDictionary(o => new[]
 +        {
 +            o.Groups["​first"​].Value,​
 +            o.Groups["​last"​].Value
 +        }).SelectMany(o => new[] {o.Key[0], !string.IsNullOrEmpty(o.Key[1]) ? o.Key[1] : "​Resident"​}));​
 +where the list ''​name''​ will have the first element set to the first name of the avatar and the last name set to the last name of the avatar (or ''​Resident''​) if no last name was found.

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