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 +====== X.500 Directory Specification Attribute Type ======
 +From [[http://​www.ietf.org/​rfc/​rfc2253.txt|RFC2253]]:​
 +  * ''​CN''​ - common name (''​commonName''​).
 +  * ''​OU''​ - organizational unit (''​organizationalUnitName''​).
 +  * ''​DC''​ - domain component (''​domainComponent''​). ​
 +these are the most common attribute types found in an LDAP query string.
 +====== Understanding LDAP Hierarchy ======
 +LDAP is based on a hierarchical tree structure where a query string such as:
 +cn=Dev-India,​ou=Distribution Groups,​dc=gp,​dc=gl,​dc=google,​dc=com
 +is read from right to left, where right-most represents the top of the tree and the left represents a leaf.
 +For the example above, the query string references the ''​Dev-India''​ leaf found at the bottom of the tree:

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