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 </​code>​ </​code>​
 +Next, a configuration file should be created at ''/​storage/​system/​mqttSwitch/​config.yml''​ with the following contents:
 +<file yaml config.yml>​
 +pid: '/​var/​run/​mqttSwtich.pid'​
 +    host:
 +    port: 1883
 +    topic: '​arcade-engine/#'​
 +The configuration file ''​config.yml''​ should be adjusted to make ''​host''​ and ''​port''​ point towards the MQTT server and to amend the MQTT topic if necessary.
 +===== Remotely Turning off Lakka =====
 +With the ''​mqttSwitch.py''​ script running, Lakka can now be turned off by sending the message ''​shutdown''​ to the MQTT topic.
 ===== Code ===== ===== Code =====

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