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 </​code>​ </​code>​
 +====== Force DDNS Name ======
- +For dynamic DNS, ISC DHCP assigns IP addresses using names reported by the DNS client however, sometimes it is favourable to force the name to something custom using a static lease. This can be done by editing the DHCP configuration and creating a static lease with the ''​ddns-hostname''​ option set. For instance: 
 +host test.internal { 
 +    hardware ethernet 7e:​fb:​cf:​64:​51:​e0;​ 
 +    fixed-address;​ 
 +    ddns-hostname "​me";​ 
 +will forcibly set the hostname to ''​me.TLD''​ (where ''​TLD''​ is the top level domain for which DDNS is active). If the hostname expansion is not desirable, then the full name can be spelled out and a dot appended: ''​me.''​.

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