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 +====== Hinting to Clients that a Resource Should Not be Cached ======
 +Three main headers control caching whenever a client fetches a resource over HTTP:
 +  * ''​Cache-Control''​ - client cache control, defined for HTTP1.1
 +  * ''​Pragma''​ - client cache control, defined for HTTP1.0
 +  * ''​Expires''​ - proxy cache control, defined for both HTTP1.1 and HTTP1.0
 +For each of those protocols, the headers should reflect the values:
 +  * ''​Cache-Control''​ -> ''​no-cache,​ no-store, must-revalidate''​
 +  * ''​Pragma''​ -> ''​no-cache''​
 +  * ''​Expires''​ -> ''​0''​
 +Note that other values can be set, such as ''​private''​ that, per definition, may implicitly make the browser not cache a resource - however the meaning of ''​private''​ refers to the fact that the resource is intended for a single user and must not be cached by a shared cache (RFC2616 section 14.9.1) which is different from the meaning of "not caching the resource under any circumstance"​.

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