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   * ''​-custom''​ is a build name appended to the kernel package that will be built.   * ''​-custom''​ is a build name appended to the kernel package that will be built.
 +====== Persisting Network Hardware Settings ======
 +When installing ''​ethtool''​ on Debian, a script is placed at ''/​etc/​network/​if-up.d/​ethtool''​ that, once an interface is brought up, runs through all the settings for all interfaces and makes changes to the hardware driver via ''​ethtool''​.
 +The proper way to persist settings in Debian, for instance, to enable checksum offloading, is to make the settings in the interfaces file but without using an ''​up''​ or ''​post-up''​ script.
 +For instance, the following settings will bring up the interface ''​eth0''​ via DHCP and then enable TSO on the interface:
 +auto eth0
 +iface eth0 inet dhcp
 +    offload-tx on
 +    offload-sg on
 +    offload-tso on

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