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 +====== FreeBSD Crypt MD5 ======
 +''​crypt()''​ generates ''​MD5''​ hashes such as: 
 +in the following format:
 +$1$        # this indicates that it is MD5
 +bp2kK.9. ​  # these eight characters are the significant portion of the salt
 +$          # this character is technically part of the salt, but it is ignored
 +P1X0o32v ​  # the last 22 characters are the actual hash
 +zF1C/​KPx ​  # they are base64 encoded (to be printable) using crypt'​s alphabet
 +Y22AJc ​    # floor(22 * 6 / 8) = 16 (the length in bytes of a raw MD5 hash)
 +====== Cyphers ======

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