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 +====== Force SSD Optimizations on Format ======
 +Some devices are improperly detected on Linux as being rotational (ie: hard-drive with spinning disks) when, in fact, the device is an SSD (flash type) device. ''​mkfs.btrfs''​ checks:
 +where ''​DEVICE''​ is a block device (''​sda'',​ ''​sdb'',​ etc...) and if the contents of that file is ''​1'',​ then ''​mkfs.btrfs''​ considers that the device is rotational and disables SSD features.
 +In case ''​mkfs.btrfs''​ disables SSD features but you are certain that the device is an SSD, you can simply:
 +<code bash>
 +echo 0 >/​sys/​block/​DEVICE/​queue/​rotational
 +where ''​DEVICE''​ is the block device, in order to make the kernel treat the device as a non-spinning disk.
 +After that, you can issue ''​mkfs.btrfs''​ with your favourite options and ''​mkfs.btrfs''​ will detect the device as an SSD.

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