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 +====== Mount Filesystem over Samba ======
 +First, make the following settings:
 +^ Setting ^ Value ^
 +| ''​Settings -> About -> Device Name''​ | Any name you want to give your device. |
 +| ''​Settings -> Storage and Access -> Access Using Wifi''​ | Turn on. |
 +| ''​Change Wifi Password''​ | Any password for your device. |
 +| ''​Settings -> Storage and Access -> Identification on Network -> Identity -> WorkGroup''​ | You can change the workgroup here but the value ''​WORKGROUP''​ is usually the default. |
 +| ''​Settings -> Storage and Access -> Identification on Network -> Identity -> Username''​ | You can leave the default ''​BlackBerry''​ or enter the username. |
 +You can mount the BlackBerry filesystem over Samba using various methods:
 +  * Map Network Drive in Windows
 +  * Mount using a mount command on Linux:
 +<code bash>
 +mount -t cifs -o username=USERNAME,​password=PASSWORD //​blackberry.dev /​mnt/​blackberry
 +  * ''​USERNAME''​ is the username that you must use to access the BlackBerry.
 +  * ''​PASSWORD''​ must be replace with your device password.
 +  * ''​blackberry.dev''​ is the hostname or IP address of the BlackBerry device.
 +  * ''/​mnt/​blackberry''​ is the path to a local mount-point where the filesystem will be mounted.
 +This can be performed on all operating systems provided that they have ''​cifs''​ filesystem support.

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