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 +====== Medion Laptop Boot Options ======
 +BIOS: Apyio Setup Utility, American Megatrends
 +Median laptops seem to have the boot-options locked. Unlocking involves booting with <​key>​F2</​key>​ held down to reach the BIOS menu and then make the following changes:
 +Security->​Secure Boot Management->​Secure Boot->​Disabled
 +Boot->​Launch CSM->​Enabled
 +====== Extract DSDT ======
 +On Linux, you can use [[https://​acpica.org/​downloads|iasl]] to dump the DSDT tables:
 +<code bash>
 +cat /​sys/​firmware/​acpi/​tables/​DSDT > dsdt.dat
 +iasl -d dsdt.dat
 +iasl -sa dsdt.dsl
 +which results in the ''​dsdt.aml''​ file.

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