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 +====== Sending Messages to File ======
 +Add an ''​rsyslog''​ configuration file at ''/​etc/​rsyslog.d/​apparmor.conf''​ containing the following:
 +# Log kernel generated apparmor log messages to file
 +:​msg,​contains,"​apparmor"​ /​var/​log/​apparmor.log
 +# Uncomment the following to stop logging anything that matches the last rule.
 +# Doing this will stop logging kernel generated apparmor log messages to the file
 +# normally containing kern.* messages (eg, /​var/​log/​kern.log)
 +& ~
 +and then restart ''​rsyslog''​. The configuration will redirect all messages that match ''​apparmor''​ and send them to ''/​var/​log/​apparmor.log''​.
 +Next, create a file at ''/​etc/​logrotate.d/​apparmor''​ with the following contents:
 +/​var/​log/​apparmor.log {
 +    rotate 4
 +    weekly
 +    compress
 +    missingok
 +in order to make sure that ''/​var/​log/​apparmor.log''​ does not get too large and gets rotated weekly.

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