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 The easiest fix is to simply disable the "​Joystick-Check"​ feature of BlitzBlank from BlitzBlankPrefs. The easiest fix is to simply disable the "​Joystick-Check"​ feature of BlitzBlank from BlitzBlankPrefs.
 +====== Complete MUI Repack with GlowIcons ======
 +The following file contains a Magic User Interface (MUI) distribution with all the available plugins for MUI bundled in.
 +  * {{fuss:​mui38repack.lha}}
 +To use this package, simply replace the old MUI folder with the folder from this bundle and make sure that the ''​S:​startup-sequence''​ file contains the MUI section:
 +<code dos>
 +if exists "​Sys:​System/​MUI"​
 +   ​assign MUI: "​Sys:​System/​MUI"​
 +   if exists MUI:Libs
 +      assign add LIBS: MUI:Libs
 +   endif
 +   if exists MUI:Locale
 +      assign add LOCALE: MUI:Locale
 +   endif
 +   ​version >nil: exec.library 39
 +   if not warn
 +      if exists MUI:Docs
 +         if exists HELP:dummy ; do not remove
 +         ​endif ​               ; this entry!
 +         ​assign add HELP: MUI:Docs
 +      endif
 +   endif
 +The top-level directory contains a directory named 020+ wherein lies a patch created by RedSkull @ Digital Corruption that patches muimaster.library for 020 or better processors.
 +The ''​Libs/''​ sub-directory contains the libraries:
 +  * date.library
 +  * imagepool.library
 +  * mysticview.library
 +  * vlab.library
 +that are not part of the standard MUI distribution and are supporting libraries for the various MUI classes that have been bundled. Since the standard MUI assign (from the snippet in the "​Installing"​ section extends the ''​LIBS:''​ directory with ''​MUI:​Libs/''​ then moving these libraries is not necessary and they can be left where they are.
 +The ''​Libs/''​ as well as the ''​Libs/​mui''​ sub-directories contain duplicated files for various processors. This bundle by default uses the standard ''​000''​ files but in case you benefit from a 020 or better processor, feel free to use a file manager and replace the corresponding files by their counterparts. For instance, for a 020 CPU or better, the ''​Libs/​mui/​ImageDB.mcc''​ file would be replaced by ''​Libs/​mui/​ImageDB_68020.mcc''​.
 ====== Index ====== ====== Index ======
 {{indexmenu>​fuss/​amiga}} {{indexmenu>​fuss/​amiga}}

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