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 +====== Consulting Quarantined E-Mails and Releasing Them ======
 +All blocked E-Mails generate a report saying that the mail has been quarantined. The entire E-Mail is placed under subfolders located at:
 +The subfolders are created following the first letter of the quarantine header ''​X-Quarantine-ID''​. For instance, given a quarantine ID of ''​jBRiR2sOcpbz'',​ the mail will be then stored under ''/​var/​lib/​amavis/​virusmails/​j''​.
 +After consulting the message, the mail can be released from quarantine and passed on by issuing:
 +<code bash>
 +amavisd-release jBRiR2sOcpbz
 +  * ''​jBRiR2sOcpbz''​ is the quarantine ID.

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