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 +====== Configuring SMTP Server and Maildir IMAP ======
 +By default, ''​alpine''​ uses a mail directory called ''​mail''​ in the user's home directory. Alpine'​s configuration file resides in the home directory at ''​~/​.pinerc''​. The following settings can be used to enable ''​TLS''​ and the ''​Maildir''​ ''​IMAP''​ format for sending and receiving e-mail:
 +The ''​smtp.server.com''​ address has to point to an ''​SMTP''​ server, respectively ''​imap.server.com''​ to an ''​IMAP''​ server. The ''​novalidate-cert''​ setting is there if you have personally generated a certificate,​ which will make alpine skip the warning about a self-issued certificate. ''​TLS'',​ respectively ''​SSL''​ can be turned off by removing them along with the ''/''​ delimiters.
 +An additional setting can be made:
 +which will allow you to read any other folders that you may have created through ''​IMAP''​.

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