Windows Mobile 5

These are Windows Mobile 5 ROMs for the Dell Axim x51v.

Vanilla Dell Windows Mobile A12 ROM

The vanilla Dell ROM released with the A12 ROM update for the Axim.

Vanilla Dell A12 ROM with 12MB Pagepool

This is a ROM that uses the Dell vanilla stock and only increases the pagepool from 8MB to 12MB. It seems to be slightly faster than the vanilla ROM and all the features work as they do in the original.

Football A17

The ROMs made by Football were mostly very popular because they were made after the vanilla ROMs and contain just fixes to the stock ROM without adding other software.

Maaku ROM M17 (Football Based)

The M17 ROM by Maaku is based on Football's WM5 A017 with some improvements.


Features over Football Release


  • Odyssey client is permanently stuck in waiting for keys while attempting to associate using WPA-TKIP.
  • The Dell wireless tool, albeit "upgraded" by Maaku, similarly fails to associate using WPA-TKIP.


  • Do not use.

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