Name Entity Explanation Notes IDN DNSSEC SLD
.ac Ascension Island Commonly used for academic websites, such as universities. However, .ac is not to be confused with the tightly-regulated, official academic domain
.ad Andorra Local trademark, trade name or citizenship required NoYes
.ae United Arab Emirates NoYes
.af Afghanistan NoYes
.ag Antigua and Barbuda YesYes
.ai Anguilla NoYes
.al Albania Citizenship no longer required NoNo
.am Armenia (Also unofficially used by AM Radio Stations or related business) YesYes
.an Netherlands AntillesLocal presence required; Netherlands Antilles were dissolved on October 10, 2010; NoYes
.ao Angola No
.aq AntarcticaAntarctiqueDefined by the Antarctic Treaty as everything south of latitude 60°S. AQ domain names are available to government organizations who are signatories to the Antarctic Treaty and to other registrants who have a physical presence in Antarctica. NoYes
.ar Argentina YesNoNo
.as American Samoa NoYes
.at Austria NoYes
.au Australia Includes Ashmore and Cartier Islands and Coral Sea Islands. ABN required. NoNo
.aw ArubaAruba, West IndiesRestricted to registered Aruban companies, organisations and citizens NoYes
.ax Åland NoYes
.az Azerbaijan NoYes
.ba Bosnia and Herzegovina NoYes
.bb Barbados NoYes
.bd Bangladesh NoNo
.be Belgium (Also unofficially used in the canton of Berne, Switzerland) YesYes
.bf Burkina Faso NoYes
.bg Bulgaria Yes YesYes
.bh Bahrain NoYes
.bi Burundi NoYes
.bj Benin NoYes
.bm Bermuda Local corporate registration required NoYes
.bn Brunei NoNo
.bo Bolivia NoYes
.br Brazil Restricted. Registration is done under several categories (i.e.: for businesses, for government agencies, etc.)YesYesNo
.bs Bahamas NoYes
.bt Bhutan NoNo
.bv Bouvet Island Not in use (Norwegian dependency; see .no).NoNoNo
.bw Botswana NoYes
.by BelarusByelorussia NoYes
.bz Belize YesYes
.ca Canada Subject to Canadian Presence Requirements. YesYes
.cc Cocos (Keeling) Islands (Australian territory: do not confuse with Cocos islands in Guam. Also used as a free domain service to the public as, or domain.) YesYes
.cd Democratic Republic of the Congo NoYes
.cf Central African Republic NoYes
.cg Republic of the Congo NoYes
.ch SwitzerlandConfoederatio Helvetica (Latin) YesYesYes
.ci Côte d'Ivoire NoYes
.ck Cook Islands NoYes
.cl Chile YesYesYes
.cm Cameroon A local entity/company in Cameroon is required to register a domain name. NoYes
.cn People's Republic of China A local company in China is required to register a domain name. Hong Kong and Macau also maintain TLDs. NoYes
.co Colombia Marketed as a global domain - recognized as a gccTLD by Google. Anyone can register. YesYes
.cr Costa Rica YesYes
.cs CzechoslovakiaCzecho-Slovakia domain has not been use since 1993. The ISO-code cs was later allocated for Serbia and Montenegro, which used .yu instead. NoNo
.cu Cuba NoYes
.cv Cape Verde NoYes
.cx Christmas Island YesYes
.cy Cyprus NoNo
.cz Czech Republic NoYesYes
.dd East GermanyDeutsche Demokratische RepublikWas proposed, but never implemented due to German re-unification. NoNo
.de GermanyDeutschlandGerman postal address for administrative contact (admin-c) required. Proxy registrations are allowed.YesYesYes
.dj Djibouti NoYes
.dk Denmark YesYesYes
.dm Dominica NoYes
.do Dominican Republic NoYes
.dz AlgeriaDzayer NoYes
.ec Ecuador NoYes
.ee EstoniaEestiAnyone can register but local administrative contact is required.YesNoYes
.eg Egypt NoYes
.eh Western Sahara .eh is reserved for Western Sahara, but does not exist in the root. No
.er Eritrea Inactive - The domain registrar Eritrea Telecommunication Services Corporation offers no services to register domains. NoNo
.es SpainEspaña NoYes
.et Ethiopia NoNo
.eu European Union Restricted to legal and natural persons in European Union member states. Unofficially used for Basque websites (Euskadi in the basque language)YesYesYes
.fi Finland Open for registration to individuals/companies around Europe.YesYesYes
.fj Fiji NoYes
.fk Falkland Islands NoNo
.fm Federated States of Micronesia (Also unofficially used by FM Radio Stations or related business) NoYes
.fo Faroe IslandsFøroyar YesYes
.fr France Restricted to individuals and companies in European Union, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.YesYesYes
.ga Gabon NoYes
.gb United KingdomGreat BritainDeprecated. The primary ccTLD used for the United Kingdom is .uk. NoNo
.gd Grenada NoYes
.ge Georgia To register you must be either a citizen of Georgia, or a Georgian company. NoYes
.gf French GuianaGuyane française No
.gg Guernsey NoYes
.gh Ghana NoNo
.gi Gibraltar YesYes
.gl Greenland (Also unofficially used in Galicia, Spain) YesYes
.gm The Gambia NoYes
.gn Guinea A local contact is required YesNo
.gp Guadeloupe Still used for Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin NoYes
.gq Equatorial GuineaGuinea Ecuatorial No
.gr Greece YesYesYes
.gs South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands NoYes
.gt Guatemala YesNoYes
.gu Guam NoNo
.gw Guinea-Bissau NoYes
.gy Guyana NoYes
.hk Hong Kong Special administrative region of the People's Republic of China.YesNoYes
.hm Heard Island and McDonald Islands NoYes
.hn Honduras YesYes
.hr CroatiaHrvatska NoYes
.ht Haiti YesNoYes
.hu Hungary Restricted to Hungarian companies, organisations and citizens NoYes
.id Indonesia NoNo
.ie Ireland In 2002, registration was expanded to include persons or businesses with a "real and substantive" connection with the island of Ireland (including Northern Ireland).NoNoYes
.il Israel YesNoNo
.im Isle of Man NoYes
.in India Under INRegistry since April 2005 (except:,,,,, YesYes
.io British Indian Ocean Territory YesYes
.iq Iraq NoYes
.ir Iran YesNoYes
.is IcelandÍsland YesNoYes
.it Italy Restricted to companies and individuals in the European Union.YesNoYes
.je Jersey NoYes
.jm Jamaica NoNo
.jo Jordan NoYes
.jp Japan Restricted to individuals or companies with a physical address in Japan. YesYes
.ke Kenya NoNo
.kg Kyrgyzstan YesYes
.kh CambodiaKhmer, former Kâmpŭchea NoNo
.ki Kiribati NoYes
.km ComorosKomori NoYes
.kn Saint Kitts and Nevis NoYes
.kp Democratic People's Republic of Korea NoNo
.kr Republic of Korea YesYesYes
.kw Kuwait NoNo
.ky Cayman Islands Restricted to qualified Cayman entities NoYes
.kz Kazakhstan NoYes
.la Laos Currently being marketed as the unofficial domain for Los Angeles YesYes
.lb Lebanon Restricted to registration with a company in Lebanon YesNo
.lc Saint Lucia YesYes
.li Liechtenstein YesYesYes
.lk Sri Lanka YesYes
.lr Liberia PartialNo
.ls Lesotho NoNo
.lt Lithuania YesYesYes
.lu Luxembourg YesYesYes
.lv Latvia YesYesYes
.ly Libya NoYes
.ma MoroccoMaroc PartialYes
.mc Monaco Only for companies with a trademark registered in Monaco NoYes
.md Moldova Marketed for Medical use (Doctors) NoYes
.me Montenegro YesYes
.mg Madagascar NoYes
.mh Marshall Islands No
.mk MacedoniaMakedonijaRestricted to registration with a company in Macedonia NoYes
.ml Mali NoYes
.mm Myanmar YesNo
.mn Mongolia Some second-level domains are reserved for special use .mn YesYes
.mo MacauMacaoSpecial administrative region of the People's Republic of China. NoYes
.mp Northern Mariana Islands NoYes
.mq Martinique NoNo
.mr Mauritania NoYes
.ms Montserrat NoYes
.mt Malta NoNo
.mu Mauritius NoYes
.mv Maldives NoYes
.mw Malawi NoYes
.mx Mexico NoYes
.my Malaysia Restricted to registration by an individual or company in MalaysiaYesYesYes
.mz Mozambique NoNo
.na Namibia YesYes
.nc New Caledonia YesYes
.ne Niger NoYes
.nf Norfolk Island YesYes
.ng Nigeria NoYes
.ni Nicaragua NoNo
.nl Netherlands First official country code TLD.NoYesYes
.no Norway Restricted to registration by a company in Norway. Individuals in the country can only register under NoYes
.np Nepal NoNo
.nr Nauru Also used as a free domain service to the public as NoYes
.nu Niue Commonly used by Danish, Dutch and Swedish websites, because in those languages "nu" means "now".YesYesYes
.nz New Zealand YesYesNo
.om Oman Registrant must have company or trademark registered in Oman as well as a local administrative contact. NoNo
.pa Panama NoNo
.pe Peru YesNoYes
.pf French PolynesiaPolynésie françaiseWith Clipperton Island NoYes
.pg Papua New Guinea NoNo
.ph Philippines NoYes
.pk Pakistan Operated by PKNIC since 1992 NoYes
.pl Poland YesYesYes
.pm Saint-Pierre and Miquelon Restricted to individuals and companies in European Union, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.YesYesYes
.pn Pitcairn Islands NoYes
.pr Puerto Rico YesYes
.ps State of Palestine West Bank and Gaza Strip. NoYes
.pt Portugal YesYesYes
.pw PalauPelew YesYes
.py Paraguay NoNo
.qa Qatar NoNo
.re Réunion Restricted to individuals and companies in European Union, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.YesYesYes
.ro Romania NoYes
.rs SerbiaRepublika Srbija NoYes
.ru Russia See also .su, still in use, and .рф. YesYes
.rw Rwanda NoYes
.sa Saudi Arabia Registrant must have a registered trademark in Saudi Arabia matching the domain name to register or provide company incorporation documents of a company in Saudi Arabia or for personal registrations a copy of valid ID. A letter on the official letterhead of your organization addressed to SaudiNIC requesting the domain name registration is also required. Local administrative contact required. 2LD registrations rolled out in 2011. NoYes
.sb Solomon IslandsBritish Solomon Islands NoNo
.sc Seychelles YesYes
.sd Sudan NoYes
.se Sweden YesYesYes
.sg Singapore NoYes
.sh Saint Helena YesYesYes
.si Slovenia YesYesYes
.sj Svalbard and
Jan Mayen Islands Not in use (Norwegian dependencies; see .no).NoNoNo
.sk SlovakiaRestricted to Slovak companies, organisations and citizens NoYes
.sl Sierra Leone NoYes
.sm San Marino Domain name must be same as company name or trademark NoYes
.sn Senegal NoYes
.so Somalia Relaunched on November 1st, 2010NoNoYes
.sr Suriname NoYes
.ss South Sudan Removed from the root DNS zone in April 2013 No
.st São Tomé and Príncipe NoYes
.su Soviet Union Still in use.YesYesYes
.sv El Salvador NoNo
.sx Sint Maarten YesNo
.sy Syria NoYes
.sz Swaziland Registration is restricted to Swaziland organizations with Swaziland Trading Licenses. NoNo
.tc Turks and Caicos Islands .TC domains are also marketed in Turkey. The official abbreviation of 'Türkiye Cumhuriyeti' is TC. NoYes
.td ChadTchadChadian (.td) domains are available for registration to entities connected with Chad only. NoYes
.tf French Southern and Antarctic LandsTerres australes et antarctiques françaisesSeldom used. Restricted to individuals and companies in European Union, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.YesYesYes
.tg Togo NoYes
.th Thailand YesYesNo
.tj Tajikistan NoYes
.tk Tokelau Also used as a free domain service to the public. Used in the Netherlands because tk ('te koop') means 'for sale' in Dutch. NoYes
.tl East TimorTimor-LesteOld code .tp is still in use. NoYes
.tm Turkmenistan YesYesYes
.tn Tunisia NoYes
.to Tonga Often used unofficially for Torrent, Turin, Toronto, or TokyoYesNoYes
.tp East TimorTimor PortuguêsISO code has changed to TL; .tl is now assigned but .tp is still in use. NoYes
.tr Turkey used by Northern CyprusYesNoYes
.tt Trinidad and Tobago YesYes
.tv Tuvalu Used as an abbreviation of television, the domain is currently operated by dotTV, a VeriSign company; the Tuvalu government owns twenty percent of the company. YesYes
.tw Taiwan Registration allowed worldwide, local presence not required. In line with ISO 3166-1, IANA's official position is that “TW” is "designated for use to represent "Taiwan, Province of China."YesYesYes
.tz Tanzania Must have a presence in Tanzania YesNo
.ua UkraineУкраїна/UkrainaUkrainian trademark required YesYes
.ug Uganda YesYes
.uk United Kingdom The ISO 3166-1 for the United Kingdom code is GB. UK a specially reserved ISO 3166-1 code for the UK. However, the creation of the .uk TLD predates the ISO 3166-1 list of ccTLD and is the primary TLD for the United Kingdom. YesNo
.us United States of AmericaCommonly used by US State and local governments instead of .gov TLD YesYes
.uy Uruguay 2LD rollout began on 10 July 2012. NoYes
.uz Uzbekistan NoYes
.va Vatican CityVaticanoLimited to the official sites of the Holy See (including those of the Vatican City State) NoNo
.vc Saint Vincent and the Grenadines PartialYes
.ve Venezuela NoNo
.vg British Virgin Islands NoYes
.vi United States Virgin Islands NoYes
.vn Vietnam YesNoYes
.vu Vanuatu NoYes
.wf Wallis and Futuna Restricted to individuals and companies in European Union, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.YesYesYes
.ws SamoaFormerly Western SamoaMarketed to be used in general WebSitesYesNoYes
.ye Yemen NoNo
.yt Mayotte Restricted to individuals and companies in European Union, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.YesYesYes
.yu SFR Yugoslavia
FR Yugoslavia After dissolution of Yugoslavia used for Serbia and Montenegro. Not used after 2010. NoNo
.za South AfricaZuid-Afrika NoNo
.zm Zambia NoNo
.zw Zimbabwe NoNo

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