Boot Parameters

Parameter Options Default Description
Wait Yes, No No Prompts for a key press before loading the kernel.
Quiet Boot Yes, No No Does not show any messages nor does it prompt for interaction before loading the kernel.
Timeout seconds - Number of seconds to pause at the Chameleon startup screen.
Instant Menu Yes No Displays the partition selection menu.
Default Partition hd(x,y) - Sets the default boot partition, x is the disk number and y the partition number.
GUI Yes, No Yes Enables or disables the Chameleon boot screen.
Boot Banner Yes, No Yes Shows the boot banner in GUI mode.
Legacy Logo Yes, No No Use the legacy grey apple logo instead of the 3D logo while OSX loads.
GraphicsEnabler Yes, No No Device-properties generation for NVidia and ATI cards.
VideoROM path /NVIDIA.ROM Alternate path for ROM image for NVidia cards.
VBIOS Yes, No No Inject VBIOS
EthernetBuiltIn Yes, No No Device-properties generation for ethernet interfaces.
USBBusFix Yes No Enable EHCI and UHCI fixes.
EHCIacquire Yes No Enable EHCI fix.
UHCIreset Yes No Enable the UHCI fix.
Wake No Yes Disable wake-up after hibernation.
ForceWake Yes No Force using the sleep image.
WakeImage path /private/var/vm/sleepimage Use an alternate sleep image file.
DropSSDT Yes No Skip the SSDT tables while relocating the ACPI tables.
DSDT path /DSDT.aml, /Extra/DSDT.aml Use an alternate DSDT.
SMBIOS path /smbios.plist,/Extra/smbios.plist, bt(0,0)/Extra/smbios.plist Use an alternate SMBIOS file.
SMBIOSdefaults No Yes Whether to use the default values for SMBIOS overriding.
Scan Single Drive Yes, No No Whether to scan only the drive where Chameleon was installed. Fixes certain issues when using a DVD reader in AHCI mode.
Rescan Yes No Enable rescanning for CD-ROM.
Rescan Prompt Yes, No No Prompts to enable CD-ROM rescan.

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