Hunt and Gather are two utiltities for indexing and then searching files within a drive or directory designed to speed up searching files.

The Gather utility is meant to index any path and generate a search database. The Hunt utility will then open the database generated by Gather and look for files matching the string provided to Hunt as parameter.


HuntnGather can be checked out from Subversion:

via the command:

svn co https://svn.grimore.org/HuntnGather/trunk

The Subersion package may be required on the Amiga.

How to install


  • use the provided installer,
  • copy the Gather and Hunt binaries matching your CPU from C/ into C:

How to Use


Gather RAM:

where RAM: is a drive you want to index. The indexing will take some time depending on the amount of files to be indexed.


Hunt prefs

to search the drive RAM: for filenames matching "prefs". If any files are found, Hunt will print out the full path to the files.


  • The "Gather" utility can run on a schedule periodically to index the contents of a drive or device.

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