On Linux, given a Debian-like system, the procedure is to create a restarter script and then install monit that will restart Corrade in the event of a disconnect.

Preparing the System

In order to install monit, on debian you would issue:

aptitude install monit

monit then has to be configured by editing /etc/monit/monitrc. A sample configuration is the following:

  set daemon 120            # check services at 2-minute intervals
  set logfile /var/log/monit.log
  set idfile /var/lib/monit/id
  set statefile /var/lib/monit/state
  set eventqueue
      basedir /var/lib/monit/events # set the base directory where events will be stored
      slots 100                     # optionally limit the queue size
set httpd port 2812 and
    use address localhost  # only accept connection from localhost
    allow localhost        # allow localhost to connect to the server and
   include /etc/monit/conf.d/*

Next, we create a user for corrade using:

adduser corrade

Placement of Files

Here is a sample output of how a Linux filesystem looks with all the files in-place:

with the following observations:

  • the init script is placed in /etc/init.d/.
  • the monit file is placed in /etc/monit/conf.d/.
  • all Corrade files (the executable, the configuration file, and so on) are placed in /home/corrade.

Testing the Restart

At this point, we can test whether the init script restarts Corrade by issuing:

/etc/init.d/corrade restart

If Corrade does not restart, check the placement of the files. If Corrade does restart, then issue:

update-rc.d corrade defaults

Once the monit file is in place in /etc/monit/conf.d and monit has been configured, issue:

/etc/init.d/monit restart

After which you can check whether the Corrade monit file is loaded:

monit status

And in the output you should see Corrade initialising and then restarting.


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