4 March 2017

  • Release 9.158 - changed parameter from degrees to radians.

25 March 2016

  • Release 9.53 - changed parameter from angles to degrees

23 March 2016

  • Release 9.52 - added.
turn (Commands)
TypeCorrade progressive command
DescriptionThe turn command can be used to turn (yaw) Corrade around.
Parametersgroup, password, direction, radians
Last ChangesRelease 9.158 - changed parameter from degrees to radians.

The turn command is meant to turn Corrade around (either with a clockwise (right) or a counter-clockwise (left) rotation) given an angle measured in degrees.

Command Required Parameters Required Corrade Permissions Example
turn group, password, direction, radians movement
            // turn Corrade anti-clockwise 45 degrees.
            "command", "turn",
            "group", wasURLEscape(GROUP),
            "password", wasURLEscape(PASSWORD),
            // Reads as: turn around counter-
            // clockwise 30 degrees.
            "direction", "left",
            "radians", 30 * DEG_TO_RAD
Parameter Possible Value Description
direction left Direction on which to move (in a local frame).
radians Radians The angle in radians to turn Corrade around.

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