Set or Get Current Group Tag or Title

21 May 2016

  • Release 9.78 - added optional parameter target.

20 February 2015

  • Release 7.71 - renamed the command from settitle to tag.
tag (Commands)
TypeCorrade progressive command
DescriptionThe tag command can make Corrade get or set the current group tag.
Parametersgroup, password, action
Last ChangesRelease 9.78 - added optional parameter target.

The tag command can make Corrade get or set the current group tag.

Command Required Parameters Required Corrade Permissions Example
tag group, password, action grooming
            "command", "tag",
            "group", wasURLEscape(GROUP),
            "password", wasURLEscape(PASSWORD),
            "action", "set",
            // the title must exist
            "title", wasURLEscape("Good day!")
Parameter Possible Value Second Parameter Possible Value Description
action set title Any title name that is defined for the command group. Set the current group tag.
get Gets the current group tag.
Optional Parameter Possible Value Description
target A group name or UUID. The group to act upon. If this parameter is omitted, then the command acts upon the configured group passed to the group parameter.

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