Stitch (Upgrade and Downgrade Corrade)

30 November 2017

  • Release 9.172 - added.
stitch (Commands)
TypeCorrade progressive command
Parametersgroup, password, action
DescriptionThe stitch command interacts with a Stitch system service in order to upgrade and manipulate Corrade.
Last ChangesRelease 9.172 - added.

The stitch command interacts with a Stitch system service in order to upgrade and manipulate Corrade.

Command Required Parameters Required Corrade Permissions Example
stitch group, password, action system
            // Stitch the current Corrade instance to the 9.172 release.
            "command", "stitch",
            "group", wasURLEscape(GROUP),
            "password", wasURLEscape(PASSWORD),
            "action", "stitch",
            "version", "9.172"
Parameter Possible Value Description
action stitch Stitch Corrade.

Stitching (Stitch Action)

When the action parameter is set to stitch, the following table summarizes the optional parameters that may be set.

Optional Parameter Possible Value Description
service Any service name (default: the name of the current Corrade service). The name of a system service on the machine that the Stitch service runs on to ugrade.
server The URL of the Stitch repository server to use (default: the official Stitch repository). The repository will be used as the starting point for stitching but, depending on the geolocation parameter, Corrade may be stitched from a different server.
version The numeric Stitch release version to stitch to (default: latest) This parameter can be used to specify a Corrade version to stitch to.
url The URL of the Stitch service XML RPC server to use (default: http://localhost:35500). The details of the Stitch service XML RPC server can be configured in Stitch.exe.config.
path The path to the Corrade folder (default: current Corrade folder). The path parameter, along with service can be used to stitch a different Corrade folder.
patch true or false Whether the Corrade configuration should be patched (default: true)
clean true or false Whether to perform a clean stitching (default: false). Note that this parameter deletes any extra files in the Corrade folder that are not contained in the Stitch repository release folder.
force true or false Force stitching of paths by ignoring repository settings (default: false).
verify true or false Whether to instruct Stitch to verify the remote repository file checksum agains the official repository checksum (default: true).
dry true or false Only perform a dry run and do not modify any files (default: false).
geolocation true or false Whether to tell Stitch to use geolocation for mirror selection (default: true).


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