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Setting-up Clockwerk on VirtualBox involves converting the qcow2 image to vdi and then creating a new virtual machine. The following section shows some optimizations that can be performed using the Virtual Box Manager. The platform that the screenshots were taken on is a Windows server, however the same settings should apply for other host operating systems.



All the important settings are surrounded by carrets with the following color coding:

  • Red carrets represent requirements.
  • Blue carrets represent optimizations.
  • Black carrets represent superfluous settings that should rather be left out due to the fact that Clockwerk does not use them explicitly.

and the following description of the configuration settings:

  • Clockwerk is a Debian Linux 64-bit virtual machine and requires more than 1GB of RAM. A decent starting value is 2GB.
  • IO/APIC is required for SMP (more than two CPUs).
  • PAE is used to page more than 4GB of RAM.
  • 3D and 2D acceleration is not used by the Spectacled Owl, however it is a good idea to offload anything possible to the video card and let the CPU deal with OpenSim (alas, no CUDA for OpenSim yet).
  • I/O cache is a good idea for improving the disk throughput since the Spectacled Owl uses the noop elevator.
  • Clockwerk requires bridged networking (although you can safely edit the configuration files and use the internal network).
  • Audio and USB are not used by the Spectacled Owl and should be removed to reduce any extra processing and memory occupied by the kernel's modules.

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