Handling File-Names Containing Space

There is no definitive solution in pure ARexx for this short of using some external library. One thing that can be done would be to:

  • Get all files separated by a reserved character (for example *) instead of space using the Get Directory Opus 4 functions.
  • Replace all the spaces with a different reserved character (for example /) using Translate.
  • Replace all the first reserved character (*) with spaces.

Given an input string: This is*a*test (meaning the files This is, a and test), the former will result in: This/is a test which can then be handled by the ARexx Word family of functions. In short:

GetAll '*'
AllItems = RESULT
AllItems = Translate(Translate(AllItems, '/', ' '), ' ', '*')

Then, when processing a word, for example with SubWord you have to translate the second reserved character / back to space using Translate:

FileName = Translate(AllItems, ' ', '/')

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