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This section is dedicated to NPC AIs for OpenSim.

Setup NPCs

The projects in this category assume that NPCs and OSSl scripting is enabled in the OpenSim configuration. In order to enable them, the following changes must be made in the OpenSim.ini configuration file:

    ; Turn on OSSL
    AllowOSFunctions = true

    ; This can be further filtered for
    ; just the NPC OSSL functions needed.
    OSFunctionThreatLevel = Severe

    ;# {Enabled} {} {Enable Non Player Character (NPC) facilities} {true false}
    Enabled = true

and then the server has to be restarted. Make sure that you can call OSSL functions on your OpenSim grid and do take the time to set-up whitelisting for them. Leaving yourself wide open to OSSL functions could allow anybody to compromise the security of your system.


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