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The following is a list of websites that go wonko when they cannot locate you. These should never go through Tor (better, not used at all) although some fixes are possible and documented here.


Paypal goes so wonko that you will start getting love letters from them the very moment you try to authenticate to your account. They will throw at you a 50-page EULA and warn you that you have violated them. Nothing to do here, just do not sign-in to when you are on Tor.

This is the top incompatibility website to not browse through Tor. So much for Swiss financial anonymity. . .


Google goes wokno when it senses you are connecting from multiple IPs. Browsing Google using Tor is a self-justified parody. It does not like the fact that it cannot track you on the whole Internet so it pops-up CAPTCHA prompts on anything you search saying that they have “too many requests from your IP” and requests to enter your e-mail address. Consider using (for now, until Microsoft goes wonko as well) since seems to not have issues with Tor.

Also, consider logging out of all your sessions and trashing your cookies before attempting to connect to Google through Tor or you will be pop-uped to death with red tape asking you to identify yourself. Expect plenty of false positives on “somebody tried to access your e-mail account” - nobody is hacking you, you are connecting from the whole planet to your account. You will even get texts on your phone. . .

If you persist, you will get your own customized account EULA - just for you - that you have to agree to before you sign-in, the next time you log-in to your account.

Google searches can be redirected to Bing using privoxy as explained on the privoxy FUSS page.


Facebook is more lenient - make sure you disable the:

  • “alert me when somebody tries to connect to my account from a machine that I have not used before”
  • “alert me if I connect from an unknown network”.

obscurity features and you will be free of pop-ups and complaints. These can be found in your privacy settings, with different names perhaps.

Better yet, how about deleting your Facebook account altogether while you're at it?

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