Whilst games have been created that make use of real-life currency, it would be interesting to create a competitive game that would somehow encode the financial capability to generate revenue that could then be donated at the player's discretion to various charity organisations of the player's choosing.

Many games today have the capacity of monetising in-game revenue but almost none have the capacity to let the player choose what to do with the earned money. It would be possible, if the player wants, to turn that revenue over to charity funds. This is not an entirely new idea and has been implemented by some web-based games. Although short-lived, those games had the capacity to generate currency either through advertisements, completing online forms, participating wilfully in social experiments that would grant the player certain bonuses and privileges. One such website incorporates browser-based games where by playing you receive an amount of tokens which can then either be transferred to real currency or, if the player so chose, to be donated for some cause.

Although there are plenty of means to donate to charity, donating does not carry too much of a reward for players, especially if the donation has been made directly. However, if one were to, say, implement a financial scheme as a complement to the actual gaming based on micro-transactions, it would be much more convenient for significant funds to be accumulated and then donated further on - especially if the game is “addictive” and carries sufficient production value to be considered by gamers a “good game to play”.

The suggestion leans towards creating an online massive multiplayer game (MMO) that could somehow generate revenue (advertisements, online forms, social experiments, etc...) and would grant bonuses to players when they donate that revenue towards a cause - causes could also be themed such that a donation towards a particular charity fund that could generate distinguishable and different types of bonuses. The benefit would be two-fold: one one hand the players would be happy to compete in an entertaining game and on the other it would be very convenient to donate such that the act itself could even boost the player's experience by giving them a sense of meaning for the game.

It is no doubt that different types of games are already being played by a considerable population - whether they be games on a computer or games on mobile / portable devices. Even today, it is not uncommon to observe people on public transport tapping away on their portable devices while waiting for the next stop. With a calculated setup and some entertaining games, we believe that the games would be very much appreciated by players, generate some maintenance revenue for the producer as well as having the ultimate goal of doing something constructive with the generated currency.

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