Volt Overload Bomber

The build relies on power efficiency cards that make Volt unbeatable when it comes to crowd control. The whole tactic consists in running around, finding energy and then bombing rooms full of mobs. The damage dealt by a maxed out Volt is huge and the overload (with power range mod) manages to reach quite far.

The results are petty good, especially for crowd control situations when you get densely packed mobs surrounding your warframe.

Auto Run

The Windows Sticky Keys option can be enabled in order to keep the Shift button pressed down in order to make the Tenno always run. Turning on this option has no detrimental side effects because the options in the game allow both run and roll to be assigned to the same key.

Promo Codes

  • FREESWORD - will give you a heat sword and a weapon slot.
  • OLDFRIEND - you will receive an Orokin teapot.
  • BIKEMAN - not working
  • SUMMIT1G - not working
  • SP00NERISM - not working
  • IFLYNN -  glyph code
  • TACTICALPOTATO - glyph code
  • MOGAMU - glyph code
  • SKILLUP - glyph code
  • ORIGINALWICKEDFUN - glyph code
  • FN6B-8RML-MLH6-GM2N - not working (Free Vectis with catalyst + A Vectis Skin + free weapon slot)
  • FE32-FD5D-C9A2-97D8 - glyph code
  • BWANA - - glyph code
  • LILLEXI - glyph code
  • BROZIME - glyph code
  • INEXPENSIVEGAMER - glyph code
  • LYNXARIA - glyph code
  • N00BLSHOWTEK - glyph code
  • SHUL - glyph code

Cryptographic ALU Farming

  • Farming takes place on Jupiter / Galileo or Neptune / Salacia (mobile defense),
  • Drop rate is between 0 and 3 cryptographic ALUs per run,
  • ALUs drop only from mobs and never from containers,
  • 12 ALUs are needed to complete three runs of the Razorback Armada event.

Mastery Rank 8

The trick to pass the 8th mastery rank test is to hold down crouch and then press jump to perform a bullet jump - usually defined as keys C, respectively Space.

The jump provides sufficient lift to raise up to the ledges.

Items Available from Baro Ki'Teer

Painlessly Obtaining Kavat Gentic Code

The procedure is to start "Derelict Survival" and just scan the Kavats that appear in the starting area before triggering the alarm. A frame such as Libmo can help keep the Kavats from running around. The procedure is as follows:

  • search the starting area in "Derelict Survival" for Kavats,
    • if not Kavats are found, simply abort the mission and restart
    • if Kavats have been found, scan them,
      • if nobody in the party obtained any Kavat generic code in the starting area, then abort the mission and restart.
      • if at least one member in the party received genetic code from the Kavats, then play for 5 minutes and extract.

Building Dry Docks with Correct Rotation

When building the Dry Docks in Warframe, the rotation of the room is by default on its side such that two rotations are required for a correct straight positioning.

Alternatively, select the dry docks building and then press M to check the map and the rotation will be apparent - in case the rotation is not correct, the building can be cancelled before any contributions have been made.

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