Birthstone Quest

The birthstone quest requires you to use several precious and semi-precious stones on the altar. The first stone is the Sunstone which can be found at a river in the upper right-most scene of the map.

Although the other puzzles so far are straight-forward, this puzzle requires some trial and error before you find the stone sequence. A good bet is to haul all the possible stones (they can appear on the entire first and second map levels) and place them down at the altar.

Once you do that, you can use the old "Save and Load" trick, to try the stones on the altar one by one to see which one is the next in line: save the game when you got a correct stone, reload the game when you put in the wrong stone. That way, you do not have to search them allover the map again.

Shadowland Labyrinth

This is one of the good possible paths through the Shadownland Labyrinth represented in the sketch below. Every dash represents a one-square movement in the given direction.

            +-P-*           |
    R       |   |       +-*-+
    |     *-+   r       |
    +-+   |     | r +-+-E
    | | r-+   +-+ | | |
    * | |     |   *-+ *
      *-+     *   |
              |   +-+
              |     |


  • * is a source of fire-berries,
  • r is a rock,
  • R is a ravine,
  • P represents the Pantheon,
  • C represents the Caverns of Twilight,
  • E represents the Cavern of Emeralds.

For this part of the quest, it is only important to grab the coin from the Caverns of Twilight (C) and gather all the five rocks (r) so you can open the gates at the star and use the coin on the well outside the caverns.

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