Stripping Comments and Newlines

cat /etc/squid/squid.conf| sed -e 's/^#.*//g' | sed -e ':r;N;s/\n$//g;br'

First part:

sed -e 's/^#.*//g'

strips any line beginning (^) with # and anything that follows after the hash.

Next part:

sed -e ':r;N;s/\n$//g;br'
  1. create register r,
  2. put newline (N) in register r,
  3. substitute all ending newlines (\n$) with nothing //,
  4. repeat with register r.

Insert a Space After Every Character

Using bash:

cat test | sed -s 's/\([a-zA-Z0-9]\)/\1 /g'

Note that sed needs the grouping operators ( and ) escaped.

Insert a Line at a Given Position

Suppose we have a text file containing the following lines:

number 1
number 3

and that we want to insert number 2 as the second line between number 1 and number 3, we would issue:

sed -i '2inumber 2' file.txt

where the parts of the fragments represent:

  • 2 the line number,
  • i for the insert command, and
  • number 2 the data that has to be inserted.

which will modify the file in-place such that the contents of the file after the insertion becomes:

number 1
number 2
number 3

Print all Lines Between Bounds

To print out all the lines between 5 and 10, issue:

sed -n '5,10p' file.txt

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