Button Mapping Override

The following mapping from RetroArch buttons to Dreamcast buttons seems to be optimal for arcade gameplay assuming that the game setting uses the standard button scheme instead of the alternate one. Throttle followed by nose down and then throttle again results in thrusters being used. Sometimes players map throttle and nose down to the same button on the PC in order to automatically be ready for thrusters but nose down does not help on maps where jumping or flying across ledges is required.

Overall settings:

  • Device Type: Controller
  • Analog to Digital Type: Left Analog

Button mappings:

RetroArch Dreamcast Description
B button (down) A Throttle
Y button (left) Analog Y- Nose down (reach boost)
Down D-pad X Breaks
A button (right) L Trigger Repair
X button (top) ? Nose up
Left analog X+ Analog X+ Left
Left analog X- Analog X- Right

All the other controls, except command controls such as Start or Select, can be unmapped.

Other in-game buttons:

  • Y - Roll left.
  • B - Roll right.

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