Not sure if this is a bug or feature, but it seems that OpenSim caps the Sim FPS at 55 instead of 45 as it is supposed to be. This inherently breaks scripts that rely on the llGetRegionFPS (since Linden's specification states that this function never returns a value greater than 45.0). On a side-note, the physics FPS seems to run wild as well.

MySQL Name Resolution

OpenSim seems to not resolve hostnames but error messages do contain hostnames:

Access denied for user 'opensim'@'localhost'

Even though MySQL allows to create a user 'opensim'@'localhost', OpenSim expects in fact instead of localhost.

Focal Point Graphics Glitches

The dice script makes small rotations that may not be observed by the viewer when the cursor is not focused on the die. This may be due to the llSetRot function that is meant to pause the script between rotations (for 0.2s), which may be simplified arbitrarily when the viewer is not focused upon the die.

Code Issues

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