In order to create a CSV string from a list, the following operations must be performed on each element of the list:

  • if the list element contains a comma (',') then the element must be placed between double quotes (").
  • if the list element contains double-quotes (") then the double quotes must be escaped by pre-pending another double quote.

And spaces are considered to be part of the data, however, many implementations treat the following cases differently:

hi, there

is sometimes encoded to a list containing the elements:


in broken implementations, such as LSL's llList2CSV and llCSV2List while some implementations (those closer to RFC 4180) encode the string to a list containing the elements:


with the space preceding there.

In order to pacify the situation, we add an extra requirement for our encoders that list elements that contain spaces must be escaped with double-quotes. This does not break anything because RFC 4180 states that "5. Each field may or may not be enclosed in double quotes […]" which makes an quote-enclosed string such as "Hello" equivalent to Hello with or without the quotes.


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