Special Dot Files

Name Description
.SyncID A file containing the unique, internal ID of the folder. This file should not be manually modified, or deleted. If you do, the folder will no longer be recognised in BitTorrent Sync.
.SyncIgnore A user editable file allowing you to "exclude" certain files/sub folders for being sync'd
.SyncArchive BitTorrent Sync, by default, won't actually delete any of your files/folders. If a corresponding file/folder is deleted on another device, it will simply be "moved" into the .SyncArchive folder on all other devices, rather than being permanently deleted. (In Sync pre v1.1.40, this folder was named .SyncTrash and was later renamed to .SyncArchive as this folder now stores both local files deleted on remote devices, as well as "versioned" files)
.!Sync files Temporary files created by BitTorrent Sync when receiving incoming data transfers. Once a file is fully received, it is then renamed to have its .!Sync extension removed, for example file.mp3will becomefile.mp3.!Sync on receiving devices until all data for the file is fully received, at which point it will be renamed back to "file.mp3".
.SyncPart and.SyncTemp These are part of the syncing process. Data deltas are downloaded to a .SyncPart file. When the download is completed, the original file is checked if it has changed in the middle of the transfer. If the file has not changed, it is copied to .SyncArchive as a previous version of the file if the file size is less than max_file-size_for_versioning. The file is then renamed to .SyncTemp and the patch is applied. Finally, the file is renamed from .SyncTemp to the destination filename.
.SyncOld Usually contains a backup of a file when that file gets transferred to your device partially from another location. After the transfer is successful, the .syncold file gets moved to .SyncArchive folder (if allowed in settings).

Unsafe Directories and Files

Some files should be excluded when syncing user-profiles. This includes local data that is frequently bound to the machine being used.

Name Comments
.* All Unix-like dot files that store temporary settings.
ehthumbs.db Thumbnails created by software.
desktop.ini Folder settings used by Windows.
Thumbs.db Thumbnail databases (for preview icons and such).
Library Used on OSX to store settings local to the current user.
Desktop Desktops should not be synced.
Public Public folders for sharing.
Downloads Used on Windows and OSX as a common temporary storage of downloaded files.
Applications Used for applications installed locally to the current user.
Maildir The maildir e-mail format inbox.
Music/iTunes iTunes does not work well with syncing.
mail The mbox e-mail format inbox.

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