Enabling Alexa Integration outside of the USA and Canada

Unfortunately, the Anki site states that:

"Please be aware that to make sure we are delivering a high quality experience, we are launching Vector + Amazon Alexa support exclusively in the US and Canada. We will be announcing UK and Australia availability next year to ensure it works well for everyone in these countries."

To work around the issue and to enable Amazon Alexa, you need to download a GPS spoof program. Any will do.

  • Close the vector app on your mobile device,
  • Press and hold Vector's button on top for 5 seconds till Vector shuts down,
  • Enable the GPS spoof and simply haul yourself into the US, over the wall, one leg at a time. . .
  • Press the Vector button once,
  • Start the Vector app

Voila, you should have the "SIGN IN WITH AMAZON" appear under the "Things to Try" - and it works.

Battery Measurements


A full disassembly of the Anki Vector.

Light Switch Trigger

Instead of using an IR sensor to detect whether the Vector is craddled or not, a different approach would have been to use a microswitch. The circuit below is a minimal design using a 2N3904 transistor that would allow a $5V$ load to power an USB device.

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