Well, in 1.7 (or earlier?) they added a survey toolbar item. Since that was not enough, now we have a really ugly advertisement pane. It is far from us to judge the needs of the developers and it is a great minimalistic application but they should have found an alternate source of funding if just maintaining the code takes so much money - really, what new and costly features have been added since it was first released? The advertisement box!

So, let us remove the advertisement box and the survey toolbar item.

Remove The Ugly Advertisement Box

Removing the advertisements can be done with a simple turning of a je into nop in the removeAdds method - most likely, spelt wrongly to obfuscate.

                                       ; Basic Block Input Regs: ebp -  Killed Regs: eax esi edi
0001c8c1 55                              push       ebp
0001c8c2 89E5                            mov        ebp, esp
0001c8c4 57                              push       edi
0001c8c5 56                              push       esi
0001c8c6 83EC10                          sub        esp, 0x10
0001c8c9 E800000000                      call       0x1c8ce
0001c8ce 5E                              pop        esi                                   ; XREF=0x1c8c9
0001c8cf 8B7D08                          mov        edi, dword [ss:ebp-0x18+arg_0]
0001c8d2 807D1000                        cmp        byte [ss:ebp-0x18+arg_8], 0x0
0001c8d6 8B87C8000000                    mov        eax, dword [ds:edi+0xc8]
0001c8dc 90                              nop        ; was je 0x1c8fe
0001c8dd 90                              nop       
; ...

By nop-ing the je at 0x1c8dc the program continues into a section which hides the advertisement elements.

Remove Survey Link

The survey link can be removed directly from the surveyToolbarItem method by using a jmp instead of a je about 0x17a1e4:

0017a1b9 55                              push       ebp
0017a1ba 89E5                            mov        ebp, esp
0017a1bc 53                              push       ebx
0017a1bd 57                              push       edi
0017a1be 56                              push       esi
0017a1bf 83EC6C                          sub        esp, 0x6c
0017a1e0 31F6                            xor        esi, esi
0017a1e2 85C0                            test       eax, eax
0017a1e4 E9FD020000                      jmp        0x17a4e6 ; was je
0017a1e9 90                              nop        

The jmp will redirect control flow over the parts of the code that set-up the toolbox.


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