The following is a tutorial on getting rid of the insipid “survey” link on the OSX uTorrent client. The OSX uTorrent client does not allow removing the “survey” link displayed in the toolbar. Even if you edit the toolbar and drag away the survey link, it will be re-added when uTorrent is loaded again. You also cannot add the survey link in the current session if you wanted by editing the toolbar. This essentially classifies it as spam...

Getting Rid of the Survey-Link Toolbar Item

A very small patch necessary, just to turn a jump into a jmp about 0x16eae3 in the meth_ToolbarController_surveyToolbarItem_ method:

0016eabb 55                              push       ebp
0016eabc 89E5                            mov        ebp, esp
0016eabe 57                              push       edi
0016eabf 56                              push       esi
0016eac0 83EC50                          sub        esp, 0x50
0016eac3 E800000000                      call       0x16eac8
0016eac8 5E                              pop        esi                                   ; XREF=0x16eac3
0016eac9 8B4508                          mov        eax, dword [ss:ebp+0x8]
0016eacc 8B4008                          mov        eax, dword [ds:eax+0x8]
0016eacf 8B8E9CE11200                    mov        ecx, dword [ds:esi+0x12e19c]          ; @selector(linkText)
0016ead5 894C2404                        mov        dword [ss:esp+0x4], ecx
0016ead9 890424                          mov        dword [ss:esp], eax
0016eadc E849820300                      call       imp___symbol_stub__objc_msgSend
0016eae1 85C0                            test       eax, eax
0016eae3 E941030000                      jmp        0x16ee29
0016eae8 90                              nop        
0016ee29 31C0                            xor        eax, eax                              ; XREF=0x16eae3
0016ee2b 83C450                          add        esp, 0x50                             ; XREF=0x16ee27
0016ee2e 5E                              pop        esi
0016ee2f 5F                              pop        edi
0016ee30 5D                              pop        ebp
0016ee31 C3                              ret

This will make sure that the survey toolbar item is never shown and will not be added back once uTorrent restarts.


Instructions on how to patch the necessary files as described in the tutorial can be found on the cracks tutorial page.

begin 644 uTorrent.bsdiff

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