As requested by Óscar, here is the crack procedure for Sublime Text 2. Sublime Text 2 is text editor that has a loose protection consisting of a nag screen that randomly pops-up on saving a document.

Removing the Nag Window

Disassembling the code, we find the routine that randomly pops-up the nag screen depending on some preconditions in the environment as well as a simple random number generator shunted with the time of execution of the program. The procedure is meant to prevent pop-ing up the nag screen too soon.

The nag window can be made to never show up by just skipping the code of the maybe_show_nag_screen function. In the original code, the function performs a check to see whether Sublime Text 2 has a valid license (cmp byte [ds:_g_valid_license], 0x), and it it does then it jumps over to the end of the function. So, the task reduces to making sure that the outcome (postcondition) of the comparison is that we do have a valid license. In order to do that, we turn the jne:

00000001000f0c00 7570                            jne        0x1000f0c72

into a unconditional jump (jmp):

00000001000f0c00 E96D000000                      jmp        0x1000f0c72

Here is how the abbreviated function looks like after the patch:

                                            __Z21maybe_show_nag_screenv:        // maybe_show_nag_screen()
00000001000f0bf0 55                              push       rbp                           ; XREF=0x1001564a4, 0x100156654
00000001000f0bf1 4889E5                          mov        rbp, rsp
00000001000f0bf4 53                              push       rbx
00000001000f0bf5 4883EC08                        sub        rsp, 0x8
00000001000f0bf9 803D087E510000                  cmp        byte [ds:_g_valid_license], 0x0
00000001000f0c00 E96D000000                      jmp        0x1000f0c72
00000001000f0c05 90                              nop        
00000001000f0c06 90                              nop        
00000001000f0c72 4883C408                        add        rsp, 0x8                      ; XREF=0x1000f0c00, 0x1000f0c1a, 0x1000f0c3f
00000001000f0c76 5B                              pop        rbx
00000001000f0c77 5D                              pop        rbp
00000001000f0c78 C3                              ret     

which is sufficient to never show the pop-up

Changing the About Text

This is optional but if you want Sublime Text 2 to show that it is licensed, and to change the About window to reflect that:

it is sufficient to alter the About window drawing function such that the Unregistered section is never reached. This involves noping a je around 0x1000855e1 that would lead the program to displaying the Unregistered text such that it never occurs. This is done by replacing the je:

00000001000855e1 0F84ED010000                    je         0x1000857d4

with a nop sledge.

The abbreviated about_window draw function after the change would look like this:

                                           __ZN12about_window4drawEP17px_render_context4rect:        // about_window::draw(px_render_context*, rect)
000000010008546c 55                              push       rbp
000000010008546d 4889E5                          mov        rbp, rsp
0000000100085470 4157                            push       r15
0000000100085472 4156                            push       r14
0000000100085474 4155                            push       r13
0000000100085476 4154                            push       r12
0000000100085478 53                              push       rbx
0000000100085479 4881ECE8040000                  sub        rsp, 0x4e8
00000001000855ac FF5018                          call       qword [ds:rax+0x18]
00000001000855af 488D0552345800                  lea        rax, qword [ds:_g_valid_license]
00000001000855b6 803800                          cmp        byte [ds:rax], 0x0
00000001000855b9 F30F108560FBFFFF                movss      xmm0, dword [ss:rbp+0xfffffffffffffb60]
00000001000855c1 F30F5AC0                        cvtss2sd   xmm0, xmm0
00000001000855c5 F20F118550FBFFFF                movsd      qword [ss:rbp+0xfffffffffffffb50], xmm0
00000001000855cd F30F108548FBFFFF                movss      xmm0, dword [ss:rbp+0xfffffffffffffb48]
00000001000855d5 F30F5AC0                        cvtss2sd   xmm0, xmm0
00000001000855d9 F20F118560FBFFFF                movsd      qword [ss:rbp+0xfffffffffffffb60], xmm0
00000001000855e1 90                              nop        
00000001000855e2 90                              nop        
00000001000855e3 90                              nop        
00000001000855e4 90                              nop        
00000001000855e5 90                              nop        
00000001000855e6 90                              nop        
00000001000855e7 4C8DBD70FBFFFF                  lea        r15, qword [ss:rbp+0xfffffffffffffb70]
00000001000855ee 4C89FF                          mov        rdi, r15
00000001000855f1 E8F60AF8FF                      call       __ZN13string_bufferC1Ev       ; string_buffer::string_buffer()
00000001000855f6 8BB570FBFFFF                    mov        esi, dword [ss:rbp+0xfffffffffffffb70]
00000001000855fc 4883C60F                        add        rsi, 0xf
0000000100085600 4C89FF                          mov        rdi, r15
0000000100085603 E8A80BF8FF                      call       __ZN13string_buffer7reserveEm ; string_buffer::reserve(unsigned long)
00000001000857ad BAFFFFFFFF                      mov        edx, 0xffffffff
00000001000857b2 4889DF                          mov        rdi, rbx
00000001000857b5 4C89E6                          mov        rsi, r12
00000001000857b8 4C89F9                          mov        rcx, r15
00000001000857bb FFD0                            call       rax
00000001000857bd 488D7DD0                        lea        rdi, qword [ss:rbp+0xffffffffffffffd0]
00000001000857c1 E85A943300                      call       imp___stubs___ZNSsD1Ev        ; std::basic_string<char, std::char_traits<char>, std::allocator<char> >::~basic_string()
00000001000857c6 488DBD70FBFFFF                  lea        rdi, qword [ss:rbp+0xfffffffffffffb70]
00000001000857cd E8A609F8FF                      call       __ZN13string_bufferD1Ev       ; string_buffer::~string_buffer()
00000001000857d2 EB73                            jmp        0x100085847
; Unregistered Section Here (Doesn't Happen)


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