Smasher (for Mac) is a tool to browse and clean fonts. It can be easily smashed and turned into a never-ending demo by jumping over the segments containing obj_msg_demoExpired and by incapacitating the isExpired and the checkIfDemoExpired methods.

Check If Demo Expired

0001e311 55                              push       ebp
0001e312 89E5                            mov        ebp, esp
0001e314 53                              push       ebx
0001e315 83EC24                          sub        esp, 0x24
0001e318 E9A0000000                      jmp        0x1e3bd                               ; @selector(alloc)
0001e3bd 83C424                          add        esp, 0x24                             ; XREF=0x1e318
0001e3c0 5B                              pop        ebx
0001e3c1 C9                              leave      
0001e3c2 C3                              ret        

Is Expired?

00008772 55                              push       ebp                                   ; XREF=0x881b
000087a8 E922000000                      jmp        0x87cf
000087cf 0FBEC2                          movsx      eax, dl                               ; XREF=0x87a8
000087d2 83C410                          add        esp, 0x10
000087d5 5B                              pop        ebx
000087d6 5E                              pop        esi
000087d7 C9                              leave      
000087d8 C3                              ret        

More Expired Checks

obj_msg_demoExpired is referenced in 5 different places, the first one being the isExpired method.


00008deb 55                              push       ebp
00008e66 E9B0000000                      jmp        0x8f1b
00008f1b 8B3DC4100400                    mov        edi, dword [ds:objc_msg_alloc]        ; @selector(alloc) XREF=0x8e66, 0x8ea5
00008f21 8B35C0100400                    mov        esi, dword [ds:objc_msg_init]         ; @selector(init)
00008f27 897C2404                        mov        dword [ss:esp+0x4], edi               ; XREF=0x8ef8


000124da 55                              push       ebp
000124db 89E5                            mov        ebp, esp
000124dd 57                              push       edi
00012558 E94B000000                      jmp        0x125a8
0001255d 90                              nop        
000125a8 897C2404                        mov        dword [ss:esp+0x4], edi               ; XREF=0x12558, 0x1257f
000125ac A134170400                      mov        eax, dword [ds:cls_Registration]
000125b1 890424                          mov        dword [ss:esp], eax


0001ada8 55                              push       ebp
0001ada9 89E5                            mov        ebp, esp
0001adab 83EC28                          sub        esp, 0x28
0001ade6 E91F000000                      jmp        0x1ae0a
0001adeb 90                              nop        
0001ae0a A118160400                      mov        eax, dword [ds:objc_msg_isAuthorized] ; @selector(isAuthorized) XREF=0x1ade6
0001ae0f 89442404                        mov        dword [ss:esp+0x4], eax
0001ae13 893C24                          mov        dword [ss:esp], edi


0001d6cf 55                              push       ebp
0001d6d0 89E5                            mov        ebp, esp
0001d6d2 57                              push       edi
0001d71d E9B4000000                      jmp        0x1d7d6
0001d722 90                              nop        
0001d7d6 8B1510100400                    mov        edx, dword [ds:objc_msg_instance]     ; @selector(instance) XREF=0x1d71d
0001d7dc 89542404                        mov        dword [ss:esp+0x4], edx
0001d7e0 A134170400                      mov        eax, dword [ds:cls_Registration]

Enjoy this boring application at version 2.102 (we're not even exactly sure what it does... It does something alright...)!

OhMaGawd! Mr. Proper, is that you?

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