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Sidekick, formerly NetworkLocation, is an application that allows you to configure various network parameters based on your location. Sidekick is a simple glue between OSX's built-in location services and the ability to trigger system actions. The application costs USD29 and is a competitor to MarcoPolo.


Since the application extensively uses the _LicenseIsValid method to determine whether we are in demo mode or not, this single entry-point can be easily subverted by manipulating the outcome. A more elegant way, perhaps, would be to attack the _LicenseIsValid method itself. However, since we want to only manipulate flow control, we will be modifying the branching after the outcome (the postcondition) of _LicenseIsValid.

The following functions can be patched in order to turn Sidekick into a registered application:

  • methImpl_SKWindow_SK_customInit
  • methImpl_SKWindow_setTitle_
  • methImpl_SKRegistrationWindowController_trialPeriod
  • methImpl_SKStatusItemController_populateLocationsInMenu_
  • methImpl_SKDemo_displayNoticeAndQuit
  • methImpl_SKDemo_tick_
  • methImpl_static_SKDemo_demo
00000001000375d2 55                              push       rbp
00000001000375d3 4889E5                          mov        rbp, rsp
00000001000375d6 4157                            push       r15
00000001000376dc E86B63FDFF                      call       _LicenseIsValid
00000001000376e1 4885C0                          test       rax, rax
00000001000376e4 90                              nop        
00000001000376e5 90                              nop        
00000001000376e6 488B35A3690500                  mov        rsi, qword [ds:objc_sel_defaultCenter] ; @selector(defaultCenter)
00000001000376ed 488B3D6C940500                  mov        rdi, qword [ds:bind__OBJC_CLASS_$_NSNotificationCenter]
00000001000376f4 41FFD4                          call       r12
00000001000376f7 4889C7                          mov        rdi, rax
00000001000376fa E893840100                      call       imp___stubs__objc_retainAutoreleasedReturnValue
00000001000376ff 4989C6                          mov        r14, rax
0000000100037702 488B3597690500                  mov        rsi, qword [ds:objc_sel_addObserver_selector_name_object_] ; @selector(addObserver:selector:name:object:)
0000000100037709 488B0D58890500                  mov        rcx, qword [ds:objc_sel__licensedInstalled_] ; @selector(_licensedInstalled:)
0000000100037710 4C8D0531D10500                  lea        r8, qword [ds:cfstring_SK_LICENSE_INSTALLED] ; @"SK_LICENSE_INSTALLED"
000000010003739b 55                              push       rbp
000000010003739c 4889E5                          mov        rbp, rsp
000000010003739f 4157                            push       r15
00000001000373e5 E86266FDFF                      call       _LicenseIsValid
00000001000373ea 4885C0                          test       rax, rax
00000001000373ed 4989DC                          mov        r12, rbx
00000001000373f0 E999010000                      jmp        0x10003758e
00000001000373f5 90                              nop        
00000001000373f6 48895DB8                        mov        qword [ss:rbp+0xffffffffffffffb8], rbx
00000001000373fa 4C897DC0                        mov        qword [ss:rbp+0xffffffffffffffc0], r15
00000001000373fe 488B351B6D0500                  mov        rsi, qword [ds:objc_sel_demo] ; @selector(demo)
0000000100037405 488B3D84970500                  mov        rdi, qword [ds:objc_classref_SKDemo]
000000010003740c 4C8B3DDDED0300                  mov        r15, qword [ds:imp___got__objc_msgSend]
0000000100036c39 55                              push       rbp
0000000100036c3a 4889E5                          mov        rbp, rsp
0000000100036c49 E8FE6DFDFF                      call       _LicenseIsValid
0000000100036c4e 31DB                            xor        ebx, ebx
0000000100036c50 4885C0                          test       rax, rax
0000000100036c53 E962010000                      jmp        0x100036dba
0000000100036c58 90                              nop        
0000000100036c59 488B35C0740500                  mov        rsi, qword [ds:objc_sel_demo] ; @selector(demo)
0000000100036c60 488B3D299F0500                  mov        rdi, qword [ds:objc_classref_SKDemo]
0000000100036c67 4C8B3582F50300                  mov        r14, qword [ds:imp___got__objc_msgSend]
00000001000095e4 55                              push       rbp
00000001000095e5 4889E5                          mov        rbp, rsp
00000001000095e8 4157                            push       r15
00000001000095ea 4156                            push       r14
; ...
0000000100009622 E825440000                      call       _LicenseIsValid
0000000100009627 4885C0                          test       rax, rax
000000010000962a E9DF000000                      jmp        0x10000970e
000000010000962f 90                              nop        
000000010000579d 55                              push       rbp
000000010000579e 4889E5                          mov        rbp, rsp
00000001000057b3 E894820000                      call       _LicenseIsValid
00000001000057b8 4885C0                          test       rax, rax
00000001000057bb 90                              nop        
00000001000057bc 90                              nop        
00000001000057bd 488B35648B0800                  mov        rsi, qword [ds:objc_sel_destroy] ; @selector(destroy)
00000001000057c4 4889DF                          mov        rdi, rbx
00000001000057c7 4883C448                        add        rsp, 0x48
00000001000057cb 5B                              pop        rbx
00000001000057cc 415C                            pop        r12
00000001000057ce 415D                            pop        r13
00000001000057d0 415E                            pop        r14
00000001000057d2 415F                            pop        r15
00000001000057d4 5D                              pop        rbp
00000001000057d5 FF25150A0700                    jmp        qword [ds:imp___got__objc_msgSend]
00000001000057db 48895DD0                        mov        qword [ss:rbp+0xffffffffffffffd0], rbx ; XREF=0x1000057bb
00000001000057df 488B05E2B30800                  mov        rax, qword [ds:bind__OBJC_CLASS_$_NSAlert]
00000001000057e6 488945B8                        mov        qword [ss:rbp+0xffffffffffffffb8], rax
00000001000057ea 488B353F8A0800                  mov        rsi, qword [ds:objc_sel_mainBundle] ; @selector(mainBundle)
00000001000057f1 488B3DD8B30800                  mov        rdi, qword [ds:bind__OBJC_CLASS_$_NSBundle]
00000001000057f8 488B1DF1090700                  mov        rbx, qword [ds:imp___got__objc_msgSend]
00000001000057ff FFD3                            call       rbx
0000000100005801 4889C7                          mov        rdi, rax
0000000100005804 E889A30400                      call       imp___stubs__objc_retainAutoreleasedReturnValue
0000000100005809 488945C0                        mov        qword [ss:rbp+0xffffffffffffffc0], rax
000000010000580d 488B35248A0800                  mov        rsi, qword [ds:objc_sel_localizedStringForKey_value_table_] ; @selector(localizedStringForKey:value:table:)
0000000100005814 488D15ADF20800                  lea        rdx, qword [ds:cfstring_Your_evaluation_period_has_expired] ; @"Your evaluation period has expired"
0000000100004dc3 55                              push       rbp
0000000100004dc4 4889E5                          mov        rbp, rsp
0000000100004de2 E8658C0000                      call       _LicenseIsValid
0000000100004de7 4885C0                          test       rax, rax
0000000100004dea 90                              nop        
0000000100004deb 90                              nop        
0000000100004dec 488B352D950800                  mov        rsi, qword [ds:objc_sel_invalidate] ; @selector(invalidate)
0000000100004df3 488B1DF6130700                  mov        rbx, qword [ds:imp___got__objc_msgSend]
0000000100004dfa 4C89F7                          mov        rdi, r14
0000000100004dfd FFD3                            call       rbx
0000000100004dff 488B3522950800                  mov        rsi, qword [ds:objc_sel_destroy] ; @selector(destroy)
0000000100004e06 4C89FF                          mov        rdi, r15
0000000100004e09 FFD3                            call       rbx
0000000100004e0b EB75                            jmp        0x100004e82
0000000100004e0d 4C8B2DE4ED0800                  mov        r13, qword [ds:_OBJC_IVAR_$_SKDemo.demoPeriod] ; XREF=0x100004dea
0000000100004e14 43FE0C2F                        dec        byte [ds:r15+r13]
0000000100004bf9 55                              push       rbp
0000000100004bfa 4889E5                          mov        rbp, rsp
0000000100004bfd 53                              push       rbx
0000000100004bfe 50                              push       rax
0000000100004bff 4889FB                          mov        rbx, rdi
0000000100004c02 48833D064E090000                cmp        qword [ds:_demo], 0x0
0000000100004c0a 7530                            jne        0x100004c3c
0000000100004c0c 30C0                            xor        al, al
0000000100004c0e E8398E0000                      call       _LicenseIsValid
0000000100004c13 4885C0                          test       rax, rax
0000000100004c16 E921000000                      jmp        0x100004c3c

In order to better understand this, all the patched functions rely on a branching sequence similar to:

call       _LicenseIsValid
test       rax, rax
jne        0x100004c3c

where either a jne or je is performed depending on the outcome of _LicenseIsValid. We thus patch the functions by altering the jne or je (either by nop-ing or forcibly jumping using jmp) in order to avoid entering the “demo” related parts of the assembly.


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