QPict is an image file browser similar to ACDSee. The trial version expires in 20 days, at which point a nag screen will welcome you every time. We can avoid this entirely in sub_9cd38 around 0x9cd38 by jumping over the nag screen:

0009cd38 55                              push       ebp
0009cd39 89E5                            mov        ebp, esp
0009cd3b 57                              push       edi
0009cd3c 56                              push       esi
0009cd3d 53                              push       ebx
0009cd3e E9F5020000                      jmp        0x9D038

We replace the call with a jmp at 0x9cd3e in order to jump over the nag screen creation. This will have the side-effect of making the application crash on selecting the Enter License Key... menu item but otherwise the application never expires.

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