The application has two annoyances:

  • first, it throws a modal and terminates once the trial period is over
  • second, it displays an About/Registration... menu that shows that the application is not registered.

Remove Time Bomb

Removing the time-bomb consists in disabling an entire section or manipulating the jump right before that section (the beq) in order to skip over it.

00022b54         beq        0x22b80
;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; SKIP SECTION BEGIN ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
; This section references 0xb7afc which is the string "The Trial [...]" so we either 
; eliminate this entire section or we change "beq 0x22b80" to an unconditional jump.
00022b58         ldr        r2, = 0xb7ae8      ; 0x22bac (sub_22b14 + 0x98)
00022b5c         mov        r3, #0x0
00022b60         ldr        r1, = 0xb7afc      ; 0x22ba8 (sub_22b14 + 0x94)
00022b64         mov        r0, r4
00022b68         bl         sub_a5d08
00022b6c         mov        r0, r4             ; argument #1 for method sub_24e28
00022b70         bl         sub_24e28
00022b74         ldr        r0, [r5]
00022b78         cmp        r0, #0x0
00022b7c         beq        0x22b98
;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; SKIP SECTION END ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
00022b80         ldr        r0, = 0xd12f8      ; 0x22ba4 (sub_22b14 + 0x90), XREF=sub_22b14+48, sub_22b14+64
00022b84         ldr        r0, [r0]           ; 0xd12f8 (imp_ordinal_olece300.dll_88 + 0x208b0)
00022b88         cmp        r0, #0x1
00022b8c         bne        0x22bbc
00022b90         mov        r0, r4            ; argument #1 for method sub_24b84
00022b94         bl         sub_24b84
00022b98         mov        r0, #0x0          ; XREF=sub_22b14+104
00022b9c         bl         sub_a6df4
00022ba0         b          0x23c94
00022ba4         dd         0x000d12f8        ; XREF=sub_22b14+108
00022ba8         dd         0x000b7afc        ; "The Trial [...]" referenced by XREF=sub_22b14+76
00022bac         dd         0x000b7ae8        ; XREF=sub_22b14+68
00022bb0         dd         0x000d12e8        ; XREF=sub_22b14+52
00022bb4         dd         0x000d12e4        ; XREF=sub_22b14+36
00022bb8         dd         0x00000a68        ; XREF=sub_22b14+4

Remove Registration Menu Item

Removing the menu item is quite easy given that PocketRSS builds the menu items sequentially by calling sub_6691c after pulling-in the strings.

; ... Above and below this section builds the menu ... 
;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; NOP SECTION BEGIN ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
; This section must be noped entirely to remove the "About/Registration" menu item.
00023e2c         mov        r2, #0xbb0
00023e30         ldr        r3, = 0xb88b8  ; "About/Registration..." reference.
00023e34         orr        r2, r2, #0xc
00023e38         str        r4, [sp]
00023e3c         mov        r1, #0x0
00023e40         add        r0, sp, #0x18
00023e44         bl         sub_6691c
;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; NOP SECTION END ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
00023e48         mov        r3, #0x0
00023e4c         str        r4, [sp]
00023e50         mov        r2, #0x0
00023e54         mov        r1, #0x800
00023e58         add        r0, sp, #0x18
00023e5c         bl         sub_6691c
; ...
00023ec4         dd         0x000b88e4   ; XREF=sub_23cb8+428
00023ec8         dd         0x000b88b8   ; "About/Registration..." referenced by XREF=sub_23cb8+376
00023ecc         dd         0x000b88ac   ; XREF=sub_23cb8+348
00023ed0         dd         0x000b8880   ; XREF=sub_23cb8+296
00023ed4         dd         0x000b8854   ; XREF=sub_23cb8+268
00023ed8         dd         0x000b8834   ; XREF=sub_23cb8+216
00023edc         dd         0x000b8814   ; XREF=sub_23cb8+188
00023ee0         dd         0x000b87f4   ; XREF=sub_23cb8+136
00023ee4         dd         0x000b87cc   ; XREF=sub_23cb8+84
00023ee8         dd         0x000b87a8   ; XREF=sub_23cb8+52
00023eec         dd         0x000d13ac   ; XREF=sub_23cb8+8

Today Plugin

; ...
001053c8         ldr        r3, [sp, #0x30]  ; XREF=sub_104b18+2208
001053cc         cmp        r3, #0x0
001053d0         mov        r0, r0           ; "bne 0x106c78" replaced with "mov r0, r0" (NOP)
001053d4         ldr        r3, [r4, #0x110] ; The original code jumps to ''0x0106c78'' which
; ...                                        ; we want to avoid: 
00106c78         add        r1, r4, #0x90    ; XREF=sub_104b18+2232 is now eliminated.
00106c7c         add        r0, sp, #0x18
00106c80         bl         sub_17672c
00106c84         mov        r3, #0x190
00106c88         ldrb       r0, [r5]
00106c8c         str        r3, [sp, #0xec]
00106c90         ands       r3, r0, #0xff
00106c94         ldrne      r1, = 0x17e464   
00106c98         bne        0x106dfc
00106c9c         ldr        r3, [sp, #0x30]
00106ca0         cmp        r3, #0x0
00106ca4         ldrne      r1, = 0x17e4f4   ; references the trial over message
00106ca8         mov        r0, r0           ; "bne 0x106dfc" replaced with "mov r0, r0" (NOP)
00106cac         ldr        r3, [r4, #0x110]
00106cb0         cmp        r3, #0x0
00106cb4         beq        0x106cd0
00106cb8         add        r1, r4, #0x114  
00106cbc         add        r0, sp, #0x18
00106cc0         bl         sub_176720
00106cc4         b          0x106e04
00106cc8         dd         0x0017e4f4       ; Sorry, but the Trial Period for [...]
00106ccc         dd         0x0017e464       ; XREF=sub_105576+5918
00106cd0         ldr        r1, = 0x17e628   ; XREF=sub_105576+5950
; ...


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