Let us proceed to the removal of the annoyances.

Removing the Registration Menu Item

Contrary to other applications, PhotoSweeper X inserts the Registration menu item in the code instead of using the NIB files. Since the Registration menu item first appears at application startup, this actually is easy to find and occurs in applicationDidFinishLaunching. The culprit is the following sequence of lines:

00000001000c92b0 488B0D690B2E00                  mov        rcx, qword [ds:objc_sel_registerProduct_] ; @selector(registerProduct:)
00000001000c92b7 488B355A0B2E00                  mov        rsi, qword [ds:objc_sel_insertItemWithTitle_action_keyEquivalent_atIndex_] ; @selector(insertItemWithTitle:action:keyEquivalent:atIndex:)
00000001000c92be 4889DF                          mov        rdi, rbx
00000001000c92c1 4889C2                          mov        rdx, rax
00000001000c92c4 4D89F0                          mov        r8, r14
00000001000c92c7 4D89E1                          mov        r9, r12
00000001000c92ca 41FFD5                          call       r13

located half-way during the initialisation process. The easiest way to go about this is to nop the entire sequence - or, of course, using the flow-equivalence described on the cracks page, jump from the first instruction right to the next one after the last.

Removing the Licensing Popup

A few lines of code later, in the applicationDidFinishLaunching function, we find:

00000001000c944a 488B35FF092E00                  mov        rsi, qword [ds:objc_sel_startLicensing_timeTrial_withWindow_] ; @selector(startLicensing:timeTrial:withWindow:)
00000001000c9451 B901000000                      mov        ecx, 0x1
00000001000c9456 4531C0                          xor        r8d, r8d
00000001000c9459 4889DF                          mov        rdi, rbx
00000001000c945c 4889C2                          mov        rdx, rax
00000001000c945f 41FFD5                          call       r13
00000001000c9462 488B35EF092E00                  mov        rsi, qword [ds:objc_sel_productActivated] ; @selector(productActivated)
00000001000c9469 4889DF                          mov        rdi, rbx
00000001000c946c 41FFD5                          call       r13
00000001000c946f 84C0                            test       al, al
00000001000c9471 7419                            je         0x1000c948c

again, this entire sequence can be nop-ed.

One interesting thing to notice here is the objc_sel_productActivated, which will je in case the product is not activated.

Removing Trial Bombs

Having said that, for the rest of the procedure, we will find references to objc_sel_productActivated and nop all the jes after that and turn jne into jmp.

Finishing Touches

There is one trial notification that remains and that is in the handleTrialNotification function. It can be left alone, but to make sure, let's turn jmp to safety:

00000001000c953d 55                              push       rbp
00000001000c953e 4889E5                          mov        rbp, rsp
00000001000c9541 4157                            push       r15
00000001000c9543 4156                            push       r14
00000001000c9545 4154                            push       r12
00000001000c9547 53                              push       rbx
00000001000c9548 4989D4                          mov        r12, rdx
00000001000c954b 4989FE                          mov        r14, rdi
00000001000c954e 488B3D93342E00                  mov        rdi, qword [ds:bind__OBJC_CLASS_$_NSNotification]
00000001000c9555 488B35ECCB2D00                  mov        rsi, qword [ds:objc_sel_class] ; @selector(class)
00000001000c955c 488B1D8D432700                  mov        rbx, qword [ds:imp___got__objc_msgSend]
00000001000c9563 FFD3                            call       rbx
00000001000c9565 488B35E4CB2D00                  mov        rsi, qword [ds:objc_sel_isKindOfClass_] ; @selector(isKindOfClass:)
00000001000c956c 4C89E7                          mov        rdi, r12
00000001000c956f 4889C2                          mov        rdx, rax
00000001000c9572 FFD3                            call       rbx
00000001000c9574 4889D9                          mov        rcx, rbx
00000001000c9577 84C0                            test       al, al
00000001000c9579 E9A1000000                      jmp        0x1000c961f
;... application is not registered
00000001000c961f 5B                              pop        rbx                           ; XREF=0x1000c9579, 0x1000c95cf
00000001000c9620 415C                            pop        r12
00000001000c9622 415E                            pop        r14
00000001000c9624 415F                            pop        r15
00000001000c9626 5D                              pop        rbp
00000001000c9627 C3                              ret

Sparkle Framework...

Since we will modify the binaries, Sparkle will complain about checksumming and will pop-up a nag screen that we have not signed the application with a DSA key. We can silence this issue by opening up PhotoSweeper X.app/Contents/Frameworks/Sparkle.framework/Versions/Current/Sparkle and changing a few things in the initialisation routines.

In the SUUpdater_initForBundle function, we hop over the error message to suppress the popup:

000000000001aa9f 4885DB                          test       rbx, rbx
000000000001aaa2 E93E000000                      jmp        0x1aae5
000000000001aaa7 90                              nop        
000000000001aaa8 90                              nop        
000000000001aaa9 90                              nop        
000000000001aaaa 90                              nop        
000000000001aaab 4C89EF                          mov        rdi, r13
000000000001aaae 41FFD4                          call       r12
000000000001aab1 488D3D08750100                  lea        rdi, qword [ds:cfstring_Insecure_update_error_] ; @"Insecure update error!"
000000000001aab8 488D3521750100                  lea        rsi, qword [ds:cfstring_For_security_reasons__you_need_to_sign_your_updates_with_a_DSA_key__See_Sparkle_s_documenta] ; @"For security reasons, you need to sign your updates with a DSA key. See Sparkle's documentation for more information."
000000000001aabf 488D15FA6F0100                  lea        rdx, qword [ds:cfstring_OK]   ; @"OK"
000000000001aac6 31C9                            xor        ecx, ecx
000000000001aac8 4531C0                          xor        r8d, r8d
000000000001aacb 31C0                            xor        eax, eax
000000000001aacd E8404E0000                      call       imp___stubs__NSRunAlertPanel
000000000001aad2 488B35CFF40100                  mov        rsi, qword [ds:objc_sel_notifyDidShowModalAlert] ; @selector(notifyDidShowModalAlert)
000000000001aad9 4C89EF                          mov        rdi, r13
000000000001aadc 41FFD4                          call       r12
000000000001aadf 4C8B7DC0                        mov        r15, qword [ss:rbp+0xffffffffffffffc0]
000000000001aae3 EB52                            jmp        0x1ab37
                                       ; Basic Block Input Regs: rax rdx rbx rbp -  Killed Regs: rcx rdx r15
000000000001aae5 4885DB                          test       rbx, rbx                      ; XREF=0x1aa9d, 0x1aaa2
000000000001aae8 0F94C1                          sete       cl
000000000001aaeb 84D2                            test       dl, dl
000000000001aaed 0F95C2                          setne      dl
000000000001aaf0 84C0                            test       al, al
000000000001aaf2 4C8B7DC0                        mov        r15, qword [ss:rbp-0x50+var_16]
000000000001aaf6 753F                            jne        0x1ab37
                                       ; Basic Block Input Regs: rcx -  Killed Regs: rdx
000000000001aaf8 20CA                            and        dl, cl
000000000001aafa E938000000                      jmp        0x1ab37
000000000001aaff 90                              nop        
000000000001ab00 90                              nop        
000000000001ab01 90                              nop        
000000000001ab02 90                              nop        
000000000001ab03 4C89EF                          mov        rdi, r13
000000000001ab06 41FFD4                          call       r12
000000000001ab09 488D3DB0740100                  lea        rdi, qword [ds:cfstring_Insecure_update_error_] ; @"Insecure update error!"
000000000001ab10 488D35E9740100                  lea        rsi, qword [ds:cfstring_For_security_reasons__you_need_to_code_sign_your_application_or_sign_your_updates_with_a_DS] ; @"For security reasons, you need to code sign your application or sign your updates with a DSA key. See Sparkle's documentation for more information."
000000000001ab17 488D15A26F0100                  lea        rdx, qword [ds:cfstring_OK]   ; @"OK"
000000000001ab1e 31C9                            xor        ecx, ecx
000000000001ab20 4531C0                          xor        r8d, r8d
000000000001ab23 31C0                            xor        eax, eax
000000000001ab25 E8E84D0000                      call       imp___stubs__NSRunAlertPanel
000000000001ab2a 488B3577F40100                  mov        rsi, qword [ds:objc_sel_notifyDidShowModalAlert] ; @selector(notifyDidShowModalAlert)
000000000001ab31 4C89EF                          mov        rdi, r13
000000000001ab34 41FFD4                          call       r12
                                       ; Basic Block Input Regs: rcx r13 xmm0 -  Killed Regs: rcx rdx rsi rdi xmm0
000000000001ab37 488B1572F40100                  mov        rdx, qword [ds:objc_sel_startUpdateCycle] ; @selector(startUpdateCycle) XREF=0x1aaf6, 0x1aafa, 0x1aae3

Notice the two jmp followed by the padding nops.


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