jitouch is a nice tool for controlling your Magic Trackpad. The program is just a preference pane applet that contains a binary image with a license protection. The protection consists in a simple key verification mechanism:

0000000000001f2c 7F20                            jnle       0x1F4E
                                       ; Basic Block Input Regs: r14 -  Killed Regs: rdx rsi rdi
0000000000001f2e 488D15FB830200                  lea        rdx, qword [ds:cfstring_Invalid_Key] ; @"Invalid Key"
0000000000001f35 488D35C4AD0200                  lea        rsi, qword [ds:objc_msg_setMessageText_] ; @selector(setMessageText:)
0000000000001f3c 4C89F7                          mov        rdi, r14
0000000000001f3f FF15BBAD0200                    call       qword [ds:objc_msg_setMessageText_] ; @selector(setMessageText:)
0000000000001f45 488D1504840200                  lea        rdx, qword [ds:cfstring_Please_check_your_license_key] ; @"Please check your license key"
0000000000001f4c EB6E                            jmp        0x1FBC
                                       ; Basic Block Input Regs: r14 r15 -  Killed Regs: rax rdx rbx rsi rdi r12 r13
0000000000001f4e 488B0513C80200                  mov        rax, qword [ds:_OBJC_IVAR_$_JitouchPref.mainTabView] ; XREF=0x1f2c

in order to register with any key and name, we change the jnle into a jmp, thereby jumping over the check.

The results are as expected, the registration accepts any name and any serial.

 You're welcome!

There are two binaries that we attack:

  1. Jitouch.prefPane/Contents/MacOS/Jitouch
  2. Jitouch.prefPane/Contents/Resources/

Hiding the Register Button

In the preference pane executable (Jitouch.prefPane/Contents/MacOS/Jitouch), based on the license check, a preference pane tab is added when mainViewDidLoad called Register which we remove by noping the jle at 0x2965:

0000000000002965 90                              nop        
0000000000002966 90                              nop        
0000000000002967 488B05FABD0200                  mov        rax, qword [ds:_OBJC_IVAR_$_JitouchPref.mainTabView]
000000000000296e 498B1C06                        mov        rbx, qword [ds:r14+rax]
0000000000002972 4C8B2DC7A30200                  mov        r13, qword [ds:objc_msg_removeTabViewItem_] ; @selector(removeTabViewItem:)
0000000000002979 4C8B25B0A30200                  mov        r12, qword [ds:objc_msg_tabViewItemAtIndex_] ; @selector(tabViewItemAtIndex:)
0000000000002980 488D15E9790200                  lea        rdx, qword [ds:cfstring_Register] ; @"Register"
0000000000002987 488D3592A30200                  lea        rsi, qword [ds:objc_msg_indexOfTabViewItemWithIdentifier_] ; @selector(indexOfTabViewItemWithIdentifier:)
000000000000298e 4889DF                          mov        rdi, rbx
0000000000002991 FF1589A30200                    call       qword [ds:objc_msg_indexOfTabViewItemWithIdentifier_] ; @selector(indexOfTabViewItemWithIdentifier:)
0000000000002997 4889C2                          mov        rdx, rax
000000000000299a 488D358FA30200                  lea        rsi, qword [ds:objc_msg_tabViewItemAtIndex_] ; @selector(tabViewItemAtIndex:)
00000000000029a1 4889DF                          mov        rdi, rbx
00000000000029a4 41FFD4                          call       r12
00000000000029a7 4889C2                          mov        rdx, rax
00000000000029aa 488D358FA30200                  lea        rsi, qword [ds:objc_msg_removeTabViewItem_] ; @selector(removeTabViewItem:)
00000000000029b1 4889DF                          mov        rdi, rbx
00000000000029b4 41FFD5                          call       r13
00000000000029b7 498B3F                          mov        rdi, qword [ds:r15]           ; XREF=0x2965

The consequence will be that when the preference pane is loaded, the button will be immediately removed instead of skipping over this block which is what the jle was responsible for in trial mode.

Disabling Trial Dialog

In the Jitouch application (Jitouch.prefPane/Contents/Resources/ we disable the license check increment:

====== B E G I N   O F   P R O C E D U R E ======
                                       ; Basic Block Input Regs: <nothing> -  Killed Regs: <nothing>
000000010000635d 55                              push       rbp                           ; XREF=0x10000672c, 0x10000747b, 0x100008b63, 0x10000bc40
000000010000635e 4889E5                          mov        rbp, rsp
0000000100006361 813D3DE00100EF8C7915            cmp        dword [ds:_license], 0x15798CEF
000000010000636b 0F84FA000000                    je         0x10000646B

We thus turn the je into a jmp so that the license counter does not get increased.

In methImpl_JitouchAppDelegate_expire we make sure that the application never expires:

00000001000030eb 55                              push       rbp
00000001000030ec 4889E5                          mov        rbp, rsp
00000001000030ef 4154                            push       r12
00000001000030f1 53                              push       rbx
00000001000030f2 E9CB000000                      jmp        0x1000031C2

We also nullify showTrialDialog:

000000010000275e 55                              push       rbp
000000010000275f 4889E5                          mov        rbp, rsp
0000000100002762 4155                            push       r13
0000000100002764 4154                            push       r12
0000000100002766 53                              push       rbx
0000000100002767 4883EC08                        sub        rsp, 0x8
000000010000276b E924010000                      jmp        0x100002894
0000000100002894 4883C408                        add        rsp, 0x8                      ; XREF=0x10000276b
0000000100002898 5B                              pop        rbx
0000000100002899 415C                            pop        r12
000000010000289b 415D                            pop        r13
000000010000289d C9                              leave      
000000010000289e 41FFE3                          jmp        r11

the same way, by jumping to the end of the function.

Disable License Check

0000000100002e68 55                              push       rbp
0000000100002e69 4889E5                          mov        rbp, rsp
0000000100002e6c 4157                            push       r15
0000000100002e6e 4156                            push       r14
0000000100002e70 4155                            push       r13
0000000100002e72 4154                            push       r12
0000000100002e74 53                              push       rbx
0000000100002e75 4883EC08                        sub        rsp, 0x8
0000000100002e79 E95E020000                      jmp        0x1000030DC
00000001000030dc 4883C408                        add        rsp, 0x8                      ; XREF=0x100002eea, 0x100002efa, 0x10000308c, 0x1000030a0, 0x100002e79
00000001000030e0 5B                              pop        rbx
00000001000030e1 415C                            pop        r12
00000001000030e3 415D                            pop        r13
00000001000030e5 415E                            pop        r14
00000001000030e7 415F                            pop        r15
00000001000030e9 C9                              leave      
00000001000030ea C3                              ret        

and the same for the preference pane binary (Jitouch.prefPane/Contents/MacOS/Jitouch):

00000000000023d3 55                              push       rbp
00000000000023d4 4889E5                          mov        rbp, rsp
00000000000023d7 4157                            push       r15
00000000000023d9 4156                            push       r14
00000000000023db 4155                            push       r13
00000000000023dd 4154                            push       r12
00000000000023df 53                              push       rbx
00000000000023e0 4883EC08                        sub        rsp, 0x8
00000000000023e4 E921020000                      jmp        0x260A
000000000000260a 4883C408                        add        rsp, 0x8                      ; XREF=0x25e2, 0x25f3, 0x2602, 0x23e4
000000000000260e 5B                              pop        rbx
000000000000260f 415C                            pop        r12
0000000000002611 415D                            pop        r13
0000000000002613 415E                            pop        r14
0000000000002615 415F                            pop        r15
0000000000002617 C9                              leave      
0000000000002618 C3                              ret        

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