Decloner is an OSX tool for finding duplicate files. The trial is a fully functional 30-day trial which can be easily converted to a never-ending trial.

Trial Title Text

The trial title text can be disabled by jumping over the intstructions that append the number of days left in the MainWindowController_title subroutine around 0x100009d62.

0000000100009d62 55                              push       rbp
0000000100009d63 4889E5                          mov        rbp, rsp
0000000100009d66 4156                            push       r14
0000000100009d68 53                              push       rbx
0000000100009d69 488D3D08760500                  lea        rdi, qword [ds:cfstring_Decloner] ; @"Decloner"
0000000100009d70 E85F710200                      call       imp___stubs__objc_retain
0000000100009d75 488B3D9C550500                  mov        rdi, qword [ds:0x10005F318]
0000000100009d7c 488D355D530500                  lea        rsi, qword [ds:objc_msg_alloc] ; @selector(alloc)
0000000100009d83 FF1557530500                    call       qword [ds:objc_msg_alloc]     ; @selector(alloc)
0000000100009d89 488B3548380500                  mov        rsi, qword [ds:objc_sel_init] ; @selector(init)
0000000100009d90 488B1D29640400                  mov        rbx, qword [ds:imp___got__objc_msgSend]
0000000100009d97 4889C7                          mov        rdi, rax
0000000100009d9a FFD3                            call       rbx
0000000100009d9c 4989C6                          mov        r14, rax
0000000100009d9f 488B35F23E0500                  mov        rsi, qword [ds:objc_sel_isValid] ; @selector(isValid)
0000000100009da6 4C89F7                          mov        rdi, r14
0000000100009da9 FFD3                            call       rbx
0000000100009dab 84C0                            test       al, al
0000000100009dad 90                              nop        
0000000100009dae 90                              nop        
0000000100009daf 488D1DC2750500                  lea        rbx, qword [ds:cfstring_Decloner] ; @"Decloner"
0000000100009db6 EB63                            jmp        0x100009E1B
0000000100009e1b 4889DF                          mov        rdi, rbx                      ; XREF=0x100009db6
0000000100009e1e E8B1700200                      call       imp___stubs__objc_retain
0000000100009e23 4C89F7                          mov        rdi, r14                      ; XREF=0x100009e12
0000000100009e26 E8A3700200                      call       imp___stubs__objc_release
0000000100009e2b 488D3D46750500                  lea        rdi, qword [ds:cfstring_Decloner] ; @"Decloner"
0000000100009e32 E897700200                      call       imp___stubs__objc_release
0000000100009e37 4889DF                          mov        rdi, rbx
0000000100009e3a 5B                              pop        rbx
0000000100009e3b 415E                            pop        r14
0000000100009e3d 5D                              pop        rbp
0000000100009e3e E96D700200                      jmp        imp___stubs__objc_autoreleaseReturnValue

This is done by nop-ing the je and sliding to the jmp to 0x10009E1B which just leaves the title as Decloner.

Nag Window

The nag window can be disabled so that it never shows, by jumping over the code responsible for showing the window. This is done in the showNagWindow procedure by using a jmp to 0x100005690.

000000010000562c 55                              push       rbp
000000010000562d 4889E5                          mov        rbp, rsp
0000000100005630 4157                            push       r15
0000000100005632 4156                            push       r14
0000000100005634 4155                            push       r13
0000000100005636 4154                            push       r12
0000000100005638 53                              push       rbx
0000000100005639 50                              push       rax
000000010000563a 4989FC                          mov        r12, rdi
000000010000563d 488B0524EF0500                  mov        rax, qword [ds:_OBJC_IVAR_$_MainWindowController.nagWindowController]
0000000100005644 498B3C04                        mov        rdi, qword [ds:r12+rax]
0000000100005648 4885FF                          test       rdi, rdi
000000010000564b E940000000                      jmp        0x100005690
0000000100005690 488B05A1A90400                  mov        rax, qword [ds:imp___got__NSApp] ; XREF=0x10000564b
0000000100005697 4C8B30                          mov        r14, qword [ds:rax]
000000010000569a 488B35F7800500                  mov        rsi, qword [ds:objc_sel_window] ; @selector(window)
00000001000056a1 4C8B2D18AB0400                  mov        r13, qword [ds:imp___got__objc_msgSend]

Unregistered Text

The unregistered text can be disabled by using a jmp to 0x100013A9A in the unregisteredText method:

====== B E G I N   O F   P R O C E D U R E ======
                                       ; Basic Block Input Regs: rax -  Killed Regs: rsi rdi
0000000100013a29 55                              push       rbp
0000000100013a2a 4889E5                          mov        rbp, rsp
0000000100013a2d 53                              push       rbx
0000000100013a2e 50                              push       rax
0000000100013a2f 488B35D2A50400                  mov        rsi, qword [ds:objc_sel_trialDaysLeft] ; @selector(trialDaysLeft)
0000000100013a36 488B3D0BB90400                  mov        rdi, qword [ds:0x10005F348]
0000000100013a3d FF157DC70300                    call       qword [ds:imp___got__objc_msgSend]
0000000100013a43 4885C0                          test       rax, rax
0000000100013a46 E94F000000                      jmp        0x100013A9A
                                       ; Basic Block Input Regs: rbx -  Killed Regs: rbx rsp rbp rdi
0000000100013a9a 4889DF                          mov        rdi, rbx                      ; XREF=0x100013a46, 0x100013a89
0000000100013a9d 4883C408                        add        rsp, 0x8
0000000100013aa1 5B                              pop        rbx
0000000100013aa2 5D                              pop        rbp
0000000100013aa3 E908D40100                      jmp        imp___stubs__objc_autoreleaseReturnValue
                        ; endp

Trial Days

The number of trial days can be set permanently to 30 by jumping over the code responsible for calculating the number of days left in the trialDaysLeft procedure:

====== B E G I N   O F   P R O C E D U R E ======
                                       ; Basic Block Input Regs: rax -  Killed Regs: rdx rbx rsi rdi r14 r15
00000001000168ff 55                              push       rbp
0000000100016962 E9F4000000                      jmp        0x100016A5B
0000000100016967 90                              nop        
                                       ; Basic Block Input Regs: rbx r14 -  Killed Regs: rax rbx rsp rbp rdi r12 r13 r14 r15
0000000100016a5b 4C89F7                          mov        rdi, r14                      ; XREF=0x100016962
0000000100016a5e E86BA40100                      call       imp___stubs__objc_release
0000000100016a63 4889D8                          mov        rax, rbx
0000000100016a66 4883C408                        add        rsp, 0x8
0000000100016a6a 5B                              pop        rbx
0000000100016a6b 415C                            pop        r12
0000000100016a6d 415D                            pop        r13
0000000100016a6f 415E                            pop        r14
0000000100016a71 415F                            pop        r15
0000000100016a73 5D                              pop        rbp
0000000100016a74 C3                              ret        
                        ; endp

That is it for version 1.5.2.

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