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There are three main uses for Tor:


Do not expect much from using proxies to anonymize your HTTP or HTTPS traffic. Using Java and Flash/ActionScript it is possible to snoop your MAC address or your IP address. Tor should only be combined with a browser that has Java, Javascript, Flash, and others disabled.

Some good proxy testers out there that will be able to bypass Tor's and reveal browser information and network location:

Censoring Browser Headers

Some identifiable strings sent by the browser can be blocked depending on the proxy used to relay to Tor. The X-Forwarded-For proxy variable, the referrer and the user-agent string can be spoofed or blocked and privoxy allows you to do this.

After making the changes to privoxy, you could should privoxy to forward all requests through Tor:

### Testing
forward-socks4a / .
### Testing

and then access to figure out what leaks should be plugged - your IP, at the very least, should not show up.


For a setup that will allow you to browse both .onion and .i2p domains, see the proxy chaining page.